Thursday, September 1, 2011

bwave boy at the lake


chillin2While Lee & Amanda were in town, we went to the Wisconsin Dells. Think tourist town, like Branson. Except this town proclaims itself the “Waterpark Capital of the World”. In Wisconsin! There are a ton of waterparks and almost every hotel and resort has a waterpark included. As you would imagine, lots of these are indoor waterparks. Makes sense to me.bob&gigiWe decided to have a nice relaxing day on Lake Delton and rented a big boat. We were unaware that Lake Delton is about the size of a football field. Ok, bigger than that, but definitely no Lake Degray. Pretty, nonetheless.

The weather was PERFECT! How does high 70’s in August sound, Arkansans?? The water, however, was frigid! I could barely stick my toes in the water. No swimming or water sports for us. Well, most of us…. chillinThis little guy really wanted to swim in the lake. We lowered him in a little. He just laughed and said more. So, we lowered him more. He loved it. And decided that he wanted to jump off of the boat into the lake. I told him that he was the BRAVEST little boy I knew. Immediately after jumping in, he said “I want out! Want out! Want out!” We quickly pulled him out and I wrapped him up in a towel. He kept saying in this pitiful little voice, “I bwave. I weally weally bwave.” I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that means, but it was so cute.nakedbootyLook at that cute little naked booty! :) He was so tired on the boat and asked if he could take a nap. MY CHILD asked if he could take a nap! WHAT?!?! Poor little guy just couldn’t get comfy in his life jacket & I couldn’t let him take it off. He’s only pretending to be asleep here.dada&zanefamilyIt was a really fun trip! We finished the night off with our first trip to the “Black Bear Inn”. We’re going back tomorrow night because we discovered that they have FRIED CATFISH!!! Not an easy find up north!Headed to lake

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