Tuesday, September 27, 2011

being productive



So what have I been doing while my little boy is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE? IMG953064IMG950481 Running errands (I’d forgotten how easy it is to run in stores by myself!), cleaning, load of laundry #6, got my flu shot (and you should, too if you plan on holding baby Hollin anytime soon!), working on the nursery, and learning a few crafts.

Did I just say ‘crafts’? Me? I’m the least crafty person I know, but decided to give it a try. Here’s some pictures of the picture frame I made:

I started with a $1 wooden frame from Michaels.1$frame Found some cute scrapbook paper and paint at Hob Lob.frame1                     And then added her name!hollin3                           Next up…blocks!hollinblocks2abcdef1123456iloveu1                         Her name for the wall: hollinletters holl

Finally, some frames for the family to put Disney pics in:IMG_3037This last picture was taken last week. It just documents the other really important stuff I’ve been doing. You know, like growing a human.33weeks3days


Melanie said...

what are you talking about? those blocks turned out fantastic! :)

Crady said...

I agree! The blocks were my favorite thing!! SOO cute!

Emily Richardson said...

SO good to hear from you! I LOVE Hollin's name and your crafts are precious! I would love nothing more than to deliver at 38.2:). It would be even better if I didn't feel a contraction until I was about 8 cm. HA! Mary Pat and Laura are going to a CME course about a week after my due date so she will be here before they leave one way or another. You look incredible too! Hope you guys are enjoying WI!

The Shepherds said...

love all the crafts!

Emily Richardson said...

Don't quite have the blogger comment thing figured out completely, but I wanted to answer your question, so I'm commenting again:)! We usually start checking at 36 wks, but if your doc decides to do a little earlier GBS then she may go ahead and do it and check you too, especially since you delivered at 38 weeks- we would probably go ahead and do the GBS this visit. Crazy we are so close! Wish Linds could deliver us both:)!

Kristen and David said...

That all looks amazing!! I'm so impressed with you! Everything is so cute. Love the blocks and the letters and the frames!! Can't wait to see the finished nursery!