Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wye Mountain


zane This is the face of a sweet little boy.mischief And also the face of a little boy who loves mischief.

Two year old boy + Open field of daffodils = Impossible to take pictures!

This is what he did the entire time…

RUN!runningrunning1running3running4We practically had to pin him down to get pictures with him. mom&zdad&zOur attempts at, “Smell the flowers. Kiss the flowers. Say cheese.”, often resulted in TACKLING the flowers.IMG_1910IMG_1917smellcheese3

Our family picfamilywyemtn2011      

And just for fun…





Thursday, March 10, 2011

Play Dates

At the Park

IMG_1868This face cracks me up!  He looks pretty proud of himself!

It was pretty outside one day last week, so we met Whitney, Alyssa, and Blakely at the park!IMG_1865IMG_1866IMG_1855Little MonkeyIMG_1857Loves to slide and has NO fear!IMG_1858Just a swingin’IMG_1852 Cute boy

At Jumpzone


At Playgroup

(although, he mainly played by himself.  Who could resist the tractors??)IMG_1825IMG_1829

With Aunt Lindsey


And when it’s cold & rainy outside…