Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Never leaving.

Y'all. I'm about to lose my sheet here.

First of all, nap time is a necessity. Hollin's nap keeps me half-way sane. Hollin is terrible at "transferring". If she falls asleep in the car it is close to impossible to get her into her bed and keep her asleep. Close to impossible, but still possible.

Enter Zane.

We have pep talks on the way home. About how we're gonna be quiet. About how he isn't going to say a SINGLE word when I bring her in. I take him in first and put him in his "cubby hole" for "rest time" (which may or may not result in a nap these days). "Shhh, Zane. Be sooo quiet, ok?"

I successfully get her out of the carseat and into the house. The hardest part, right? And that's when it happens. He whispers from the living room. "Hiiiii, Mommy. I love you, mommy."

And that's all it takes. The sound of his voice, and those eyes come open. She's awake.

AS IF saying something sweet will keep him out of trouble.

So then I leave her in her crib screaming. She NEVER goes back to sleep. And my blood boils. Like, I'm so mad that I can't discipline him because I don't trust myself. I can't talk because I know I'll scream. I can't spank him because he'd probably get a good ole "pick your own switch" kind of beatin'.

So that's it. I'm never leaving the house close to nap time ever again. If you're wondering why I got fat, it's because I can't go to the gym. No more lunch dates. No morning errands. It's either that or I join the Wine of the Day Club. They have those, right?


Friday, January 18, 2013

fifteen months.

Little miss Hollin is striking a pose! This cute girl has the best personality. She laughs at everything. Not just a giggle, but a full-out, head thrown back, mouth wide open, belly laugh!
She's walking everywhere. Loves to sing. We could've sworn she sang the first part of "Away in a Manger" at the Christmas Eve service. So she walks around talking and singing jibberish all the time. My favorite is when she shakes her head around and jibber jabbers, like she's really telling a good story.

Still loves this blankie. And usually has it in her mouth.

She's got the sweetest voice. Every time someone walks in the room, she says, "Hi!" with a big smile on her face. She says "bye" and waves. Blows kisses. Gives kisses. Dances. Her signature dance move is the one hand wave. Loves to shake her head 'no' at me. Started calling her daddy "Matt" and me "Ma". Pets and hugs the "pups" and tells them, "back!" She called Lindsey "Sissy" twice at Zane's birthday party. Says "book" 1000 times a day. She'll bring me a book and then back her little booty down into my lap so that I can read to her. Still eats ev.er.y.thing. And girl is NOT afraid to raid a candy stash. Sleeps 10 or 11 hours at night. Takes one nap a day. Usually about 1.5 hours. It seems like they're so short because I'm used to Zane's two or three hour naps. But she wakes up happy, so I'll take it.

She loves her brother more than anything. I love this picture because I know she's looking up at him. Watching everything he does. Sweet, sweet girl.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a superhero turns four.

As Zane was getting ready to take a nap on his birthday, he said, "While I'm sleeping you go decorate for my party. I want games, balloons, party hats, and those party things that you blow." This was a big deal for two reasons.
1. A few weeks before Zane's birthday, I asked him if he wanted to help me pick out his party supplies. He gave me the ole stink eye. "Mama. You are NOT 'uh-pposed' (supposed) to tell people about their birthdays. It's uh-pposed to be 'uh-prize' (surprise). Ooookay.
2. I forgot all of his party decorations (that I made sure to buy in secret) in Conway. My little hometown of 1500 people is not known for its shopping opportunities. But, with a little improvising with goodies from The Dollar General and another fabulous cake made by my brother, we were good to go!

Seriously. Uncle Bob and Aunt Gigi made this. Zane is one lucky boy. You can see the other cakes he made for Zaney's 2nd and 3rd birthdays by clicking the links. Always a hit. Never any leftovers. Thank you, Uncle Bob!
He had the biggest smile while we sang to him. And then he closed his eyes really tight and made a wish. Favorite wish ever.
"I wish all presents were all mine for all life. AMEN." I'm sure one day he'll make a selfless wish like, "I wish all kids had toys and food and a mommy and daddy." Right? But the way he ended it with "Amen" was just too precious.
Different party, same wish. Love the way he's looking at Lindsey in this one.

Superhero cupcakes. Joint effort by practically the entire Bell family. Delish.

Sweet birthday boy. He was so excited!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas 2012

I survived the Snowpocalypse, four Christmases, two birthday parties, one family reunion, a baby dedication, a 12 hour car trip with a migraine, a lost (and found) camera and now I'm back and ready to blog about it all! This may take several entries and more pictures than words.

Christmas. We are beyond blessed. Lots of family. Too much food. Too many presents. And snow! In Arkansas!

Hollin started walking...practically running, while we were in Arkansas.

Her hair grew...and so did her tummy! She also started singing all the time!


If there's a toy made that Zane didn't get for Christmas, rest assured he got it for his birthday.

Favorite Zane quotes: "Spider-Man boots are NOT boring! They are AWESOME!" and "I didn't know that old man (Papaw Martin) had a knife! That made me scared!"

Sweet, sleeping babies were worn out by the festivities.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

fourteen months

I'm so behind. I'll do a better update later this month for her fifteen month post.
First steps December 9th. Almost 14 months.