Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hollin’s Nursery

cribI had Hollin’s room perfectly arranged before she was born. Perfectly arranged in my head, that is. In reality, I brought this baby girl home to an unfinished nursery! Very unlike me. I’m not sure why it wasn’t finished…I went in there everyday and ‘nested’, I guess. I would spend so much time in there folding clothes, hanging them in the closet, rearranging, but not actually fininshing the room. I had everything in the room, just not hung on the walls. We finally finished it before Matt’s parents left. They left on Saturday (29th) and we stayed up late on Friday night getting everything finished. I still need to get curtains, but for now it’s finished.bedding2IMG_3088 The wall decal is from etsy and is really cute….but NOT easy! The letters were one of my craft projects.name1name The view from the doorfromdoorThe crib, rocker, night stand, & changing table are from Zane’s room. DeeDee got Hollin the lamp & recovered the lampshade. The mirror was in our house in Little Rock and hadn’t found a place in the house here, so we ‘bronzed’ and ‘antiqued’ it to match the room.rocker IMG_3574I’m in love with the canvas that Dayle made! canvasIMG_3564Matt found this rug on clearance at Target!rugOur beautiful Hollin Bell329668_10150445178771882_675491881_10451443_1698915499_o     

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the one with the pumpkins & costumes…



On Friday, October 28th (the day I was scheduled to have Hollin) we took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch. Matt had to work, so his mom and dad took me and the kiddos to Schuster’s Playtime Farm. Next year I will buy a season pass! This place was AWESOME! There was so much to do that Zane could’ve played forever! There was a hayride to the pumpkin patch, barrel-train, bouncy pillow, pumpkin cannon, fort, general store, school house, petting farm, playground equipment, bakery, corn maze, and probably lots of other stuff that we didn’t even have time to see!

Since Zane was leaving the next day to go to Arkansas with DeeDee & E (and therefore trick-or-treating in Arkansas), we dressed him up in his Woody costume so that I could see him in it. I found it odd that he was the only kid dressed up there, but I loved how all the other kids just acted like it was normal. They would run passed him and say, “Hi, Woody! Where you going, Woody?” He looked so cute! I’ll let the pictures say the rest…cheese1bigchair hayridebarreltraingeneralstorewoodypumpkinjohndeerejohndeere1mommy&babyspookbabyFor those of you that have never been to Madison, the background of this picture is what most of it (outside of the city) looks like. Corn fields everywhere! It really is a beautiful state (what I’ve seen of it) and we’ve had an especially beautiful fall.bouncy         

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

to remember…

Just a few silly things that I want to remember from Hollin’s birth….

*Matt and I were sitting on our bed, him trying to convince me to call the doctor, me trying to remember how close the contractions are supposed to be before you call… We got my phone to look up the clinic’s phone number on the internet. I typed in “Madison Women’s” (for Madison Women’s Clinic) and my phone autocorrected it to “Madison Wieners”. We were laughing so hard! And it hurt to laugh during a contraction.

*Matt was on call, of course. We heard a pager during the c-section and I asked Matt if it was his. He said, “Oh, well if it is! They’ll just have to wait.” Turns out it wasn’t his…luckily!

*Matt asked me during the surgery how I was feeling and I said, “I’m fine. I’m just in a strange mental state.” That cracked us up for some reason.

*My doctor told me to feel free to talk to her during the procedure, so at one point I asked her if I had a lot of scar tissue. She said she wasn’t that far yet, but she was sure there was probably just a normal amount. Matt said (sarcastically), “You’ve just got a really average uterus, Sarah.” Dr. S said, “Oh, I’m sure your uterus is extraordinary!” I don’t know why (maybe the strange mental state?) but I said, “That sounds like a great facebook status! ‘Doctor says that I have an extraordinary uterus!’” We all got a kick out of that!

*The first thing I said when they held her over the drape was, “She’s so SQUISHY!”