Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Big News in the Bell House….

 We’re Moving!



*It was voted #3 in “Safest of Nation’s 100 Largest Cities” in 1996,

*It was also named the number one college sports town by Sports Illustrated in 2003.

*In 2004 it was named the healthiest city in America by Men's Journal magazine.

*It was named Most Romantic U.S. City by, February, 2006

*It was ranked 2nd Best place in the Country for Education: Forbes, December, 2007

*The summers are supposed to be absolutely beautiful. Then winters, on the other hand, well….I better pack a warm coat.

*It’s 768 miles from Little Rock and the people there probably don’t say “ya’ll”.


Madison, Wisconsin…..Here we come!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Morning adventures of one cute, sly, sweet,16 month old boy….


IMG_0175Zane wanted to be like his friend, William, and get this cool fridge farm. He loves it. When he presses the chicken in the loft of the barn, it plays music. Zane claps, waves his arms, and dances. And makes sure that everyone else does, too. Here he is doing one of his signature moves.


I love this next picture for two reasons: a) what is that expression on his face?! b) he looks like he’s doing the ‘robot’. And maybe he is.

IMG_0162Look closely at the picture below. Something is missing. The pig “behind”.

IMG_0164It’s been missing since….oh…day 3? This morning I noticed that there were FOUR pieces missing. I searched high and low. No luck. And then I see a certain mischievous little boy opening the trash can.

IMG_0159“Zane, What in the world are you doing?”

“kdofiewlakfoijeow” or some kind of German, said with an innocent look on his face.

IMG_0160Upon further inspection I find the horse, duck, and cow “behinds” in the trash. None of the heads made it into the trash can. Weird. Guess I can count my losses on the ham. I’m sure it’s sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Switching gears, Zane tries to eat out of the dog bowls face first. Just like the puppies. But heaven forbid we stop there. Drop a yogurt melt on the floor?

IMG_0151Pick it up -- No hands required!

IMG_0168 IMG_0169

IMG_0153 IMG_0157 IMG_0154I know, gross.  But he looks so proud of himself. Good thing I swept and mopped last night.

Time to pick out a good read.IMG_0171IMG_0172 IMG_0173The title of this book says it all, right?IMG_0167Thanks for blowing me that kiss, Sweet Boy. Love you more than Topsy Too-Tall loves Tiny Too-Little.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sixteen months



Is this my new favorite age? Yep. I wonder if each age will be my favorite. I’m really lovin this kid right now.

At 16 months Zane weighs 22 lbs (up two whole pounds from the 20 lbs he weighed at 10 months), i don’t remember his height, and still has a big head. 90th percentile, I do believe. :)

IMG_0117He has added two new words to his vocabulary this month: 1. “Uh-huh”. He says this over and over if either one of us are on the phone. He will also walk around with the phone up to his ear and say “uh-huh”. And the other day he kept slamming the phone into the back of my head saying, “uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh”. Apparently he wanted me to call someone? 2. “Dee Dee” (Matt’s mom). Except it sounds like “day day”. A little Southern accent, perhaps?

IMG_0118He has replaced waving at everyone with blowing kisses to everyone. He’s a pro. Even makes the ‘smack’ noise.

He wants to let the dogs out of the kennel as soon as he wakes up. He points to the kennel as says, “Uh?”. He chases them around the house and pins them to the ground.

IMG_0112He is definitely a little BOY! He wants to rough house. He runs up to me and pushes me, to which my role is to dramatically fall backwards and tell him that he’s the strongest boy in the world. He gets pretty tickled at that.

IMG_0125He goes to the front window and says, “Dada?” When I know Dad-o’s almost home, we go outside and wait in the driveway for him. I love to watch that smile spread across his face when he sees Matt pulling into the driveway.

IMG_0131 We love you more each day, Mister Love Bear Man.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

this ‘mom’ thing

IMG_0016This whole ‘mom’ thing, it’s not so bad. That sounds horrible. But sometimes that’s exactly how I’ve felt….Like I’m a horrible mom, especially in that first year.

But then there are days like today, where everything just seems to click. Days like today, where I feel like I’m Zane’s mom, and he loves me no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not easy. He’s a mischievous little boy. Some days are very trying, but oh, so worth it.

IMG_0004The first year of Zane’s life was hard, to say the least. I’m not blaming him. He’s more or less a guinea pig, after all.  A little lab rat that Matt and I are using to learn how to be parents. But lately, Zane has been great.

Yesterday morning he did something that sealed the deal—we WILL be keeping him forever! Ha!  I was about to leave for work, and, as our routine goes, I told him, “Mama’s gotta go to work now. You be a sweet boy.” I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him on the top of the head. He reached his little chubby hand up, grabbed my collar, pulled me down to him, and gave me a real life kiss on the lips. Complete with the “smack” noise. Be still, my heart! As if it isn’t hard enough to leave for work, he goes and does something so incredibly sweet that I have to just peel myself off of him.

IMG_0093 Zane is jabbering all the time. Sometimes when he jabbers, he makes duck lips (see pic above). I’m pretty sure he speak German. Too bad that I don’t.  But he has his own ways of telling me what he wants. 

On my days off, our morning routine usually starts with me bringing Zane, his sippy cup of milk, and his blankie into my room. We He watches Mickey Mouse Club House and drinks his milk. I rest my eyes for a few more minutes and snuggle with him. At some point he sits up, looks at me, and makes a smacking noise with his mouth. That’s his way of saying “Breakfast!”. When he finishes breakfast, he puts both hands up in the air, which means “All Done!” (I can also tell he’s finished when he quits eating the Cheerios and starts casually dropping them onto the floor and saying, “Lola”.)

IMG_0030Just a few minutes ago…after he had been up for about 3 1/2 hours, he came running up to me and threw his arms around my neck. He laid his little head on my shoulder. I gave him his blankie and he made this sweet little noise, like “awww”, and snuggled his face into the blankie. That was his way of letting me know that he was ready for a nap. Man, does that feel good! Finally having a child that appreciates a little sleep! Hallelujah! To be able to lay him down, close the door, and hear sweet humming noises instead of screaming feels A.Maz.Ing. That’s when I pat myself on the back and think, “You’ve got this, Girl”. 

IMG_0108Now, off to access the damage to the couch where Z may or may not have spilled a bottle of bleach/water, aka puppy accident cleaner upper, onto the cushions. Oh, this ‘mom’ thing….never a dull moment. :)