Sunday, March 24, 2013

Broccoli, Celery, Gotta Be....

Veggie Tales!

Zane and I went to Veggie Tales Live on Friday night. I guess this was Zane's first live show. He was not very patient while waiting for the show to start. Gotta love this face, though!

We found Siela and talked with her to make the time pass a little faster. She is getting to be such a big girl and is just beautiful!

Loved watching his dancing and excitement once the show started!

After he took his picture with Bob and Larry, he said, "Wait, Mommy! I have to talk to them!" Then he said, "Um, Bob, are you afraid of Batman?" Bob nodded 'yes'. Zane said, "We'll I'm not!" He had a big smirk on his face and told me that Bob would tell Larry that he's not scared of Batman.
It was a fun little night with my favorite four year old!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sixteen months.

One month late. But here's a few pictures from the day I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a cute one of her in the Valentine outfit Aunt Gigi made for her.





Friday, March 15, 2013

March in Madison

Just surviving. It's still full-on winter here. I was looking back through pictures from last year at this time. We were going to the park and enjoying spring-like days. This winter has been truer to the norm in Wisconsin.

Last year
This year

So, we're still hanging out indoors...trying to not get too bored.

We've had fun lunches/playdates with friends and snuggled with baby Mikko.

We spent snowy yesterday at the Madison Children's Museum with my friend from work. Sadly, I didn't get a single pic with Jessica, Aiden, or Zoey. Hollin has been super clingy (read: her feet don't touch the ground without her screaming and it's driving me a little crazy), but she actually had fun yesterday! She came out of her shell a little and explored. She kept putting both hands on top of her head and on the sides of her face and would look up at me with this silly, overwhelmed grin. Never could get a pic of it, though. Her favorite was getting in the phone booth.

Zane's too fast for pictures. I got one before we went inside, in his new "best jacket". Also known as a vest.
That's him way up there in his Spider-Man boots.

We play superheroes, autobots, and transformers. A lot. This is what my living room looks like at all times.

Waiting for breakfast
Hollin enjoying some chocolate chip banana bread
Zane enjoying a treat at Culver's

Zane rarely takes a nap anymore. He does pretty well, but some days he's ready for bed pretty early....even if he doesn't want to admit it. Saving the world is a pretty tough job. Wears a boy out.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the dentist

Another snow day. It started falling sometime last night and just stopped this evening. We got about nine inches. That's in addition to the 55.5 inches we've gotten this winter. So, yeah. There's that. Really pretty. Really messy.

Did it keep us inside? Oh, no. Zaney had his first dentist appointment. Better late than never.

Sleepy girl went to Ms. Jeri's and took a nap.

He went to THE COOLEST dentists' office ever. Madison Pediatric Dental. The whole office has a movie theme. Here he is getting his "ticket".

The waiting room

He was incredible during the appointment. The biggest obstacle they faced with him is that he talks a lot. He counted his teeth for the hygienist, sang his ABC's, asked lots of questions. He wanted to know where all their tools were. Told her to rename 'Mr. Spinney' to 'Mr. Tickley'. When she started cleaning his teeth he said, "Hmm...that's not so bad." His favorite part was spraying the water and the air.

Getting X-rays.

I was really impressed with how good he was. Couldn't have gone better. The only time he wasn't happy was when he picked his prize. He picked what he wanted, but then also wanted a ring to give to Lauren. Sweet boy.

Snow days are BAD for my health and for fitting into my jeans. Too cold and messy to get the kids out at the gym. Just right for spending the afternoon baking.

So this happened.

Blueberry coffee cake and cupcakes. Nana got Zane a cupcake decorating kit for Christmas. He LOVED it! He was so excited about decorating his cupcakes and making a special princess cupcake for Siela. That boy...he's a ladies' man.
Abstract art.

Anything to keep this girl occupied.


Just another Tuesday in the tundra.