Friday, January 16, 2009

I love.....

holding hands,

a sleeping baby,

that he sleeps with his mouth open, and has his daddy's nose,

that he's a thinker,

that sometimes life is tough,

these beautiful eyes,

this dimple,

this shirt,

this hat,

the boys spending time together in the woods,

Matt in his fly fishing hat,

finding my boys like this,

our first family trip to the cabin, (and that Matt looks like he has horns!),

this yawn,

and being Zane's mommy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I love him SO much!

That's the first thing I think everytime I look at him. Then I think, "How did that fit inside me?" Then a million other things run through my head, mostly just worrying that he's ok, that I'm doing this whole 'mom thing' right, and of course how beautiful he is. Yes, he's a boy and he's beautiful!

Baby Zane made his arrival (after a long, hard battle I might add) on Saturday, December 27th, 2008 at 1:16pm, weighing 6lb 15oz and 20 & 1/4 inches. And perfect, of course! That night, he was moved to the Special Care Nursery because some of his lab values were a little worrisome. We were both on IV antibiotics and he had to go under the bili lights for awhile....So, we finally arrived home on Tuesday. We had to go back to UAMS yesterday morning and this morning for lab rechecks and we have our first pediatrician appointment in the morning -- no rest for the weary! I'm getting some really good training at getting myself and this little guy ready and out the door in time to make appointments! This would be absolutely, as in NO WAY, NO HOW, possible without my mom here helping. And speaking of no rest for the weary, Matt has had to work EVERYday (yes, including the morning I was in labor) since Zane was born. But, Hallelujah!, he gets off tomorrow morning and will be home with us for the next few weeks! In case you're wondering, the staff at UAMS did allow him to leave work early, around 8:30 that morning, so he was in no danger of missing the birth. He is so good with Zane and Zane LOVES his daddy! Ok, to the good stuff....enjoy the pics!

Me and my boys

Dad-o and Zane-o

Man, it's bright out here....

He's winking at his mom

Let me narrate the video for you:
S: Do you love that baby boy?
M: Yes, I love him very much. He's my best friend.
S: What's his name?
M: What's his name?
S: Mmm-hmm.
M: Zane-O Potato Head

Zane-O Potato Head....wasn't the first time he called him that.....sure hasn't been the last. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff....I love them both so much!