Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve 2010We had a very merry Christmas! Once again, we did lots of traveling, saw lots of family, and opened many gifts.  I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to park in our garage again. Somebody got so many presents that we almost had to rent a U-haul to get them all home.IMG_1519Really, this is ridiculous. This is the mound of presents before we (the Dell, Bell, Sward, & Cummins families) began opening. IMG_1527Daniel, being the newest inductee to the family, read the Christmas story for us.IMG_1521IMG_1522  Zane had fun monkeying around with his bff, Jake.

IMG_1525 Cute little boy in his Rudolph outfit.

Zane got a little antsy during the Christmas Eve service at church. Skeet took him up to the balcony. We all got a good laugh when we heard, “Hi, Dada!” and looked up to see little Z in the balcony waving at us!  He also gave us a laugh during communion when he reached over and helped himself to some communion crackers. By the look on his face, I think he immediately regretted that decision.

Zane had a big time opening presents.IMG_1529 And playing with them….IMG_1532IMG_1533  And modeling? them…..IMG_1536 But his favorite part of the night was playing in a huge box of peanuts! I don’t have a picture of it because I was busy videoing him, and since my video camera is not charged, I will upload the video later. 

So, when Matt and I got married, we received a…um… rare, very interesting, wedding gift. A white, porcelain, SEAL TOILET BRUSH holder. Jealous?

We decided last Christmas to pass this special gift on to Lindsey and Erik, the newly engaged couple. This Christmas, though we hated to see it go, the four of us passed it on to Kara and Daniel. I’m sure they are already clearing the mantle to put it on display!


Christmas 2010, to be continued…..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zane’s Tractor Party!!!

 zaneCardEmail (3)

IMG_1467That’s the face of a boy who’s happy about his tractor “shurshur” party!IMG_1409 We had Zane’s second birthday party a little early this year. It’s tough finding the right time for his party because his birthday is two days after Christmas….and on a Monday this year.  IMG_1453Zane has been obsessed with shurshurs recently. He points out every shurshur we pass on the street. Some of them are “I’s shurshur” and some are “E’s shurshur”. (He calls my dad “I” and no one knows why, “E” is Matt’s dad because we call him keith/skeet)IMG_1420My brother made this cake. It was incredible!  Looks professional. Zane loved it until we cut it, then he was saying, “Uh oh, shushu”. There wasn’t a single piece left!IMG_1429

Zane got so many fuhfuhs (another fun way he pronounces tractor) and farms and Toy Story toys….I don’t know where we’re going to put them all! And Christmas is just a little more than a week away! What a loved little boy.

Here’s “Uncle Bob” showing Zane the cake.  IMG_1443IMG_1445

Zane’s sweet friends:

RidgeIMG_1461 ParkerIMG_1440Cooper


Marley Kate




Blowing out the candlesIMG_1450IMG_1452Eating yummy cake :)IMG_1459IMG_1456Opening presents


Shurshur Party Details

IMG_1413IMG_1419party favorsIMG_1414IMG_1416IMG_1422IMG_1423IMG_1432”haybales”IMG_1433     “vegetable garden”  IMG_1434“shurshur sandwiches”IMG_1431I can’t believe this little baby is about to be two!IMG_1426 (2)  IMG_1425 (2)