Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hat & Boots

 His current required attire


He goes no.where. without them. At first, it was just the boots. Now, it’s hat AND boots.  Most days this is not a battle I choose to fight. In fact, I think he looks pretty cute in his boots. Cutest little cowboy around.IMG_2239 (2)He’ll bring me Woody and say, “Woody boots on. Woody hat on. Ane boots on, toooo. Ane hat on, toooo.” So I’m not sure who’s to blame: Woody, “E”, or “I”?  Maybe all three!IMG_2220 (2) He chose his “pajamas” in this picture. Fleece, zip-up, footed pajamas (in the summer in Arkansas!), hat, and boots.IMG_2216I don’t care what he’s wearing…he’s absolutely gorgeous!IMG_2218He even sleeps in his boots. Every.single.night. One night I rocked him to sleep. He was OUT. Snoring, twitching, limp. OUT. I put him in his bed and he didn’t make a peep. I slowly slipped a boot off of his foot. His eyes SHOT open and he yelled, “Uh uh! Ane’s boots ON!” I did what any sane human would do. Put the boot back on his foot and slipped quietly out of the room.sleepinginboots  He looks (and is) so sweet.precious Here he is at DeeDee’s house. Laughing because “Ane toot!” As my friend Christine said, “He’s the rootin’est, TOOTIN’est cowboy around!Zane 6-21-11 You have to wear your hat & boots on the tractor!06-28-1195163906-30-1195102106-27-11951934And you have to make sure everyone else does, too. (And sometimes belts are also required)06-28-11951054IMG950424And they’re a definite requirement when playing at Uncle Bob’s house.helpingatbobs (2)  I love my little sheriff! Glad he’s here to save the day!sheriffzane (2) sheriffzane2 (2)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smart frog

I made my last trip to Hampton on Wednesday. Not last as in forever. Last before moving north. Zane and I spent wednesday & thursday visiting with family, and doing what little boys do best. Riding tractors.

My mom was walking around my grandparents' yard with Zane. Pappaw has lots of 'knick knacks' in the yard, including some frogs. My mom pointed to one of the frogs and said, "What's that frog doing?"
Zane: "I-own-know" (I don't know, his answer to everything)
Nana: "He's drinking a coke and reading a book. He's a smart frog."
Zane: "Ane smart fwog, toooo!"

So, we've been calling him a 'smart frog' since then.