Sunday, September 25, 2011

He left me for a mouse.


Mickey Mouse, that is. Lucky little boy is spending the week at Disney World! I must admit – I’m jealous! I’ve never been to Disney, but at 34 weeks preggo, it was definitely not a practical option for me to go right now. So, instead, I’m trying to enjoy a child-free week! I’m relaxing, working on baby girl’s room, washing baby clothes, and running errands while Zane is dancing it up with Jessie!09-25-11951117DeeDee flew up on Tuesday. The first words out of Zane’s mouth that morning were, “Hi Mama. DeeDee here?” Saying that they were excited to see each other is quite an understatement. deedee&zThey flew back to Arkansas on Thursday and Zane had lots of visitors. He was SO excited all the way to the airport. Giddy. Like he knew where he was about to airplaneSaturday was the big morning! He flew to Orlando with DeeDee, E, Lindsey, & Erik. He needed to read over the safety features first. Such a cautious flyer ;)airport safetyfeaturesThey said when they first got to the hotel, he looked down off of the balcony and said, “I’m gonna have fun down there.” Matt could NOT stop laughing at that!resort Entering the park with Lindsey on Day 1. He quickly made another friend, too.09-25-1195103009-25-11951041          A few more pictures I’ve received today…houseofbluesIMG95158209-25-11951656                     Mesmerized by the parade.IMG950469 I know he is having so much fun! But it sure is quiet around here….

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Claudia said...

He looks like he is enjoying his "minnie" vacation.