Saturday, November 27, 2010

twenty-three months



So cute. With eyelashes that could star in a Latisse commercial. Not sure it would be possible for us to have another kid this cute. I mean, he must have gotten the very best of both of our features, and none of the bad. His ears don’t even stick out like mine. But then again, I’m his mom and probably a tad bit partial. IMG_1369IMG_1378IMG_1376IMG_1374Twenty-three months, twenty-three pictures….and he is sitting in the chair by the monkey in none of them….   

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Parker, Pleeease play with me!

Zane had his mommy chase him around all day Thursday, stealing kisses right and left, tickling him, and probably just annoying the mess out of him. He was ready for a playmate his own size.

Parker had spent all day playing his heart out with other kids at the babysitter’s.  He was ready for some mommy/daddy time.

Here’s Zane Bell, super excited that Parker came over.IMG_1318

Hey, Parker….wanna play with me?


No, Parker. This way. Where you going?


No, not in the chair.


Ok, if you insist. We’ll sit here and smile for our mommies’ cameras.


Mrs. Allyson, Why is he not smiling for the camera?IMG_1320

Well, if he’s not smiling, I’m not either. I’ll just hang out here and hide behind my legs.


(I really have no idea what my child is doing, but I laugh out loud every time I look at this!)


I swear Zane is reaching for Parker in every picture!


So, I promise we didn’t laugh at Zane for making “cry baby” noises and imitating Parker. Ok, maybe we laughed a little.


And apparently Parker didn’t appreciate the kiss that Zane planted on his mouth. But Parker can definitely fight his own battles. He settled the score by yelling, “I pee pee!”  And that’s exactly what he had done. Right in Zane’s bedroom floor! We love these little boys that constantly keep us on our toes!

Monday, November 8, 2010



My cute little sock monkey!

Wow. Halloween weekend was almost as busy as Christmas! We started it off by taking the little sock monkey to Boo at the Zoo.  With me, my mom & brother, Uncle Rico & Aunt Lindsey, and Cam & Brita,  there’s no way that Z suffered from a lack of attention. Can you imagine? The seven of us, doting on one little guy? The highlights of the night definitely included riding the train and the carousel. This was his look of amazement on the carousel. And of course, he signed for “more” as soon as it stopped!66671_489883376881_675491881_7053596_2435687_n71904_489804806881_675491881_7052137_834348_n

Saturday morning Matt and I had a garage sale with the neighbors. When Zane got up, Nana dressed him in a warm monkey suit and brought him over! 73835_490076591881_675491881_7057228_4627956_n


I had to add this picture of Matt modeling some of the garage sale goodies.  He’s gonna hate me…hehehe.75035_490052786881_675491881_7056689_3078211_n

Saturday night we took Zane to trick-or-trick at Uncle Rico & Aunt Lindsey’s house and had fun watching the Hogs play.

IMG_1264 Trick-or-treat!IMG_1265 Going through his goodies!IMG_1268Signing for more candy. Smart kid.

And finally, on Sunday night we took him trick-or-treating at the hospital. Well, not really. Our treat was that Mama Doot was getting discharged from the hospital, so Z met all of her nurses and made lots of folks smile. :)

We then went to see Greg & KK, Craig, Dana, & Jake, and Aunt Lynnie, whom he now calls “Nonna”. I think that might have made her day! We finished up the night eating chili with the whole crew at DeeDee & Skeet’s. He was so tired by then that he couldn’t decide if he wanted to run around and play or just crash in the floor, so he did a little of both.

IMG_1285  I love his little banana trick-or-treat bag!

jake&zane Zane loves Jake!IMG_1288IMG_1293

Oh, I’m adding these pictures I took of him through Lindsey’s door because they make me laugh. I hope these are the only bars I ever see him behind!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

twenty-two months

What I love about each picture…

IMG_1237My sweet twenty-two month old

IMG_1238The way he pokes his lips out when he says, “shushu”. Shushu=tractor. We are in a huge tractor phase!

IMG_1239He’s “reading” his favorite book, The Red Tractor. (and his lips again)

IMG_1242Those cheeks!

IMG_1244Sorry, but it’s those lips again!

IMG_1245And one more time.


I hear his laugh everytime I look at this picture. Best sound on Earth.


He’s blowing me a kiss.

IMG_1249 He’s all boy.

IMG_1250 He is studying that shushu book.

At 22 months, Zane is LOVING any and all things tractor! He plays with tractors, looks at tractor books, even sleeps with tractors. For some reason he calls them all “shushu”s and it’s hilarious. He’s talking a little more, but it is definitely his own little language. Example: “Eeee, ah-ha, shushu” translates to “Skeet, outside, tractor”. And that’s a command! When he looks at the tractor book, he points to pictures and says, “Lola, shushu, bah-ty (bathtime), and uh-oh”.

A few other new words: Nana (he said it a thousand times when she was here), Bob, ball, and pleeeeeease.

I think Santa may need to bring him a softer shushu. Does it get any sweeter than this?


Thursday, November 4, 2010

On the Catwalk

 I shake my little toosh on the catwalk.IMG_1254

I’m too sexy for my hat. What you think about that?