Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

m,z,sHappy Easter from the Bell Family!


For the record, Matt picked out their Easter duds.


Does this look like the face of a child that would announce to the whole church (during the sermon) that “E teetee’d!!!”?


This does.


Just chillin’ in my new monkey chair.

dapperdan bellkids Bell Family zane1 Easter Basket

Zane had Easter bunny Kit Kats (his fave), bunny marshmallows, and Pez for breakfast. Maybe that’s why he didn’t sit still during church!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


groupshotFront row (L to R): Marley, Lydia, Zane, Cy, Della

Back row (L to R): Amy, Sarah, Kristina

Two of my very best friends (and kiddos) came to Little Rock last week for a zoo playdate.  We had made a promise to get together before we move to Wisconsin. I have literally known Amy since she was born, and I’m sure I met Kristina not long after. I grew up with these girls and it’s funny now to see us running around chasing a bunch of kids! Our kids are all one year apart (ages 4, 3, 2, 1, infant, and bun in the oven).

della,marley,zaneWe were lucky that the rain held off, but it was a COLD April day!

cylydiaCy and Lydia were so good during the trip. They just chilled in their strollers while the big kids ran around.

farmerThis picture is no surprise, since Zane is still obsessed with tractors (“fuh-fuhs”).

bearZane wanted to pet the bear. Ummmm, no.

giraffe I have never seen a giraffe do this.carousel1 Zane’s favorite part of the day. The carousel.IMG_1996My favorite part of the day. Actually, the 3 1/2 hour afternoon nap was my favorite :)

We had a great time! I’m sure there’s a great zoo in Madison, so you girls start planning your trip north!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Changes, large and small.

And they are rapidly approaching. With our move to Madison just two short months away, it’s getting harder and harder to block all of these changes out of my head. I try not to think about them all at once, for fear that my head might explode. But maybe I should just put them all out there. A checklist of sorts. Let’s see if I can come with the top 10 changes/to-do’s/worries for the Bell family…..

1. Selling our house. Bittersweet. We really need to sell our house. SOON. But this makes me so sad. I love our house. This is the house I brought my baby home to. When we pull in the driveway, Zane always says, “Mama house, Dada house, Ane house.” I’m sad that it won’t be our house anymore.

2. Finding a place to live in Madison. We haven’t even really looked yet. See #1.

3. I still haven’t taken the MPJE (federal & state pharmacy law exam). This is my last step to getting my Wisconsin pharmacist license.  Between working full- time and chasing a two-year old, I just can’t seem to find time to study.

4. Childcare. I have no idea what we’re going to do with Zane while we work. How do you look for childcare online? Not possible. This is really my biggest worry because Zane has only stayed with family and I worry about him adjusting.

5. Work. I’m about 99% sure I have a job lined up in Madison. but….see #3. And I’m hoping to work part-time but that’s dependant on #1.

6. Because #1 & #2 are still up in the air, we don’t even have an exact move date.

7. Because we have no move date (and nowhere to move to) we can’t schedule movers.

8. How are we going to get two vehicles to Wisconsin?? I know the obvious answer: drive. But I am NOT driving 800 miles ALONE with Zane Bell. nope.

9. Moving away from all of our friends and family to a place where I know NO ONE. Scary.

10. There’s one more itty-bitty, yet great BIG change coming our way. This one I’m not dreading. Worried? Yes. Scared to death? Yes. Overwhelming? Heck yeah. Exciting? You bet.IMG_1993


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random phone pics

What two year old doesn’t love Thin Mints….in the bathtub?  Diva.1thinmintsIt’s been a tough day.  He really needed to relax on the massager to work the kinks out of his back.  Right.1massage The best way to take a toddler to a restaurant! Not a peep through the whole meal.1asleep This meal, on the other hand, didn’t go as well. Of course this bowl had milk in it when he decided it made a great hat.1bowlZane was very interested in the fish as it was being reeled in, even touched it while Skeet held it. But once it fell on the dock and started flopping around….he wanted NOTHING more to do with it!fish


I love this picture. My dad, “I”, with his little cowboy on the horse.z&IZane pretending to be asleep in the front yard.asleepgrassOne of his favorite activities, playing on the tractor. Who needs clothes?tractorAnd, finally, Zane and his buddy, Parker.  Just cruisin’ around in the Jeep. Don’t they both just look thrilled?z&p