Monday, September 12, 2011

32 Weeks

 and 2 days.


Here’s the belly pic. She’s a growin’. Her ‘tiny little tap dancing’ on my hip bones now feels like she’s doing this yoga pose with her feet pushing my hip bones apart.handstandBut if her feet are pushing my hip bones apart….that would mean that her head was below the hips…Uh huh. That’s what it feels like. ‘Nuf said.

And when she finishes that pose, she moves on to this beauty:bakasana_side_step5See that left foot in the air? It has no remorse for my right ribs…the same ribs that Zane had an affinity for. But at least they’re not numb yet.

Things that I miss: having more than one cup of coffee, sleeping through the night, taking a hot bath and having more than 50% of my body actually under the water, being able to bend over, wearing normal clothes, being able see/reach my legs to shave them. And this proves that you can find An.y.thing on the internet. The ‘Razor Reach’. Haven’t tried it, but I’m curious….razorreach Things that are flat-out annoying: getting out of breath walking up the stairs (for that matter, sitting on the couch and feeling out of breath), getting up five times at night to pee, back pain, grunting every time I put on shoes or bend over to pick something up. And let’s face it, with a two & a-half year old, I’m constantly picking things up….including said two & a-half year old.

Things I’m craving: orange juice with lots of pulp and fruit punch gatorade. I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch almost every day. It’s not so much a craving as it is that nothing else sounds good.

Things I fear: going into labor with no family here (what the heck would we do with Zane?), another baby that never sleeps, jumping back on board the Crazy Train, Zane’s world getting turned upside down again. I feel like I’m constantly telling him how much I love him and trying to explain what’s about to happen. I tell him that he will still be my favorite little boy, even when he has to share mommy with his sister, even when I can’t spend all my time with him. But how much does he understand? He just looks at me and says, “O-tay. Luj you, too, mama. You my besssss fran.”

Things I’m happy/excited about: having a healthy, uneventful pregnancy, getting the bedding in and finishing the nursery, looking at a closet full of pink stuff, getting a pedicure (it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy), meeting our little girl, going home in November, seeing what a great big brother Zane will be.

Things that make me laugh: Zane asking if Hollin will build a snowman with him and him bringing me a heating pad and saying, “You back hurt, mama?” Sweet boy. :)IMG_2952

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Dawn said...

looks like things are going pretty well for you - can't wait to see precious pics of Hollin on here!