Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Cabin Trip

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas 09! Whew, Christmas this year was a fun, special, busy, stressful, week long event. For the third year in a row, Matt was fortunate enough to get Christmas week off of work.

We started out 'Christmas Week' by going to Heber Springs on Sunday. Matt, Mama Doot, and Zane picked me up after work and we spent two nights at the cabin. I love being at the cabin because it's so relaxing. I feel like I can just sit. No TV (I mean, there is a TV, I just don't feel the need to turn it on unless the Razorbacks are playing). No laundry. Just hanging out, enjoying the fire, and eating way too much. One of the highlights this trip was the entertainment provided by Tyler and Matt as they played Dancing With the Stars on the Wii.....never thought I'd see these two brothers doing choreographed dancing! Ha! Ok, so there's another reason to turn on the TV.

*Love this pic of my boys in their matching flannel*Santa found us at the cabin, too! He brought me a Snuggie...yes, a Snuggie, but not just any ole Snuggie! This one had my name monogrammed on it! HA! Too bad I don't have picture of me modeling it. It's pretty fabulous. Santa brought Zane a moose, moose ears, and the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin. Nice themed gift, Santa.

*This is Zane's new face that he started making last week. It looks like he's yelling in these pictures...but, no. Just showing us his teeth. And yes, of course he's "hungry as a bear". How else would you describe a little boy at the breakfast table in a log cabin?
*What a sweet picture of Zane and his Mama Doot

*And this last picture is of my little baby boy trying to turn into a big boy. He's officially walking. And climbed his first set of stairs about, oh, five minutes after we got to the cabin.

Christmas Week 09 to be continued....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Baby

Remember the post about the pumpkin patch? Well, same song, different verse. I could pretty much just tell the same story, but insert "picture with Santa" in the place of "pumpkin patch". I never knew the stresses of planning family outings and picture opportunities with a baby! When you take into consideration our work schedules, Zane's random napping schedule, and never knowing when that cute little outfit is gonna get ruined by a big ole, explosive poopy diaper....well, it's a lot harder than it should be to get a simple picture with Santa!

Zane did not take a nap this morning. I dropped him off to shop with my mom and grandma while I got a haircut, then we all met for lunch. After a morning of shopping and a full tummy, Z was one worn out little boy. But I was determined that today was the day for that boy to meet Santa! He did NOT cry. He also did NOT smile. Let's just say he was a little mesmerized. The look on Z's face is priceless!

Although he looks scared to death, I think he was more confused. He didn't make a peep. He just kept staring at him. Then he would look down at the white trim on his sleeve. And then back to staring at his bearded face! Santa told him that he was officially moved from the 'naughty' list to the 'nice' list, somewhere around nine months, because that's when he started letting him mommy sleep more. :) I never heard him tell Santa what he wants for Christmas, so I really hope he sent him a letter. How awful would it be if Santa didn't know what gifts to bring this cute little boy?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

it must be a boy thing....

Zane has started playing with his toys differently. And I think it must be a boy thing. It's like he's rough housing with his toys. Well, see for yourself....

First, he stands up in front of the toy....

Then, he pulls on the toy as hard as he can. He usually grunts &/or whines during this step of the process...............

Then, he falls backwards.....
And pulls the toy on top of him. (i have no idea why this is underlining, but i can't figure out how to make it stop, so we're going with it....)
He does this over and over again! I don't think this is the way little girls play with their toys, but maybe I'm wrong?

Another "boy" thing he loves to do is "punch" Matt in the face. Matt overreacts, yells "OOOHHHH", and stumbles backwards. Zane thinks it's just the most fun game he's ever played. He "punched" Papa Skeet all the way out the door when he was leaving for work!

Zane has learned a new talent, which we both thought was HILARIOUS! Kind of regretting the 'star on your head' song I was singing to him. But it's worth it just to listen to Z laughing in this video. And he kind of reminds me of the walrus that balances the beach ball on its nose. I'm just saying, you know, if he doesn't get drafted into Major League Baseball, or med school doesn't work out, he could always join the circus....but, then again, Matt is scared of clowns.