Wednesday, September 7, 2011

him’s a giwaaaaffe!


IMG_2880An entertaining lunch with Zane today. First of all, he ate. A LOT! PB&J, cheese, grapes, baked Cheetos, Better Cheddars…I know, a lot of cheese products, too! The boy loves cheese, which I guess makes him a good ‘Wisconsonian’. ?Is that a word? IMG_2875 He saw a package of Kool-Aid (that mysteriously showed up on our counter) and said, “I see that man. I wanna drink him!” He was, of course, referring to the Kool-Aid Man. So I made him some Kool-Aid and he really enjoyed it.IMG_2874 I told him that I loved his beautiful eyes and so he started opening them really wide! Ha!IMG_2883IMG_2882He was very entertained with pulling his grapes off of the vine. There were four left and he was pretending that they were the ‘hawsey’s feet' (horsey). Then he saw that there was one really long part of the vine on one end. He said, “Him’s a giwaaaffe! Him’s got a weally long neck! Him a nice giwaaaffe…my besss fran!”IMG_2886He keeps me entertained. Love to hear his random thoughts….IMG_2877 

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Crady said...

LOVE IT!!! Miss you both! And Matt too!