Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Brother and sister. Just having a little breakfast.

This weather, that allows us to spend afternoons on the deck.
Trying a lime.
Picnics at the pool. We need the water to warm up a tiny bit before we actually swim. But he was definitely dressed the part.

Sleeping in his boxers "like a mans".


Sunday, June 17, 2012

A + L....The Wedding

Drs. Lee & Amanda Hollingsworth
Otherwise known as 'Uncle Bob and Aunt Gigi' at our house. This happy couple tied the knot April 28th. What a fun wedding weekend!
These two crazy kids are so in love. We were so excited to be a part of the special occasion....and for an excuse to spend some time in Arkansas and see our families.

My sweet girl
My sweet mom. Mother of the groom.
My new sister-in-law!

My family
Matt and Hollin

Pep talks for the ring bearer & flower girl
Just a few of the adorable ring bearer & flower girl

Amanda & Dad-o
The beautiful chapel
Kiss the Bride!
Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

daddy's girl

Matt had the privilege of watching the baseball game (we won!) on TV today with the prettiest Hog fan I've ever seen.

She may have been born in Wisconsin, but she's a Hog fan from her head to her...well....

She even tried to call the Hogs today!

She will sit in the chair with Matt and watch sports for a surprisingly long time. And he loves it.


eight months

"What a peanut!" This is what I commonly hear people say about Hollin. I don't know if it's a Wisconsin thing, but I don't really remember hearing it in the south. I know it has to be a compliment, though because she is the happiest, most smiley baby ever.

She's very ticklish and there's nothing sweeter than hearing her belly laugh. So infectious. My favorite is when she laughs in response to my laugh.

She likes to play in the floor on a blanket full of toys. She rolls all over the place and then eventually lays on her belly and screams. She really likes to sit up and play, but she still topples over after a few minutes.

She still nurses or takes a bottle every 3 or 4 hours during the day. She has tried butternut squash, mango, applesauce, avacado, bananas, yellow squash, and baked sweet potato. The sweet potato was definetly her favorite...most of the time her response to solid foods is spitting, gagging, and coughing. We'll keep working on it...

She still only has the two teeth on the bottom. I think Zane got four top teeth his eighth month, but I can't feel any coming in.

My favorite, favorite, favorite thing about this month? She started sleeping ALL NIGHT! I think the last trip to Arkansas wore her out. The night we got home, she slept all night and has the past eleven in a row! She's going to bed a little earlier, around 8pm, and sleeps ten to twelve hours. She wakes up babbling and smiling. She takes a morning nap around 9, and an afternoon nap around 1. Sometimes she'll take another cat nap in the late afternoon. She's too wiggly to let us rock her to sleep, so we usually just rock and sing for a few minutes and then lay her down awake.

Nights are so much easier when they're predictable. She's always been a better sleeper than her brother was, but that's not saying much! Until this latest turn of events, she was still getting up a couple of times at night. I love, love, LOVE putting her in her pj's at night, tucking her in, and knowing (praying) that I'll see her smiley face in the morning!

She's got the squishiest, most kissable cheeks.

She says 'dadadada', bwuh (brother?), growls, squeals, and shrieks. She has a fake cough and has started doing the 'Popeye face' that Zane always did. She waved at Matt one morning. I think she loves her daddy :)

She's wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. I don't even know what size shoe she wears because she never wears any!

Her favorite things right now are necklaces that I'm wearing, her yellow blankie, her brother, me holding her while I walk around the house, and water bottles. Speaking of her brother, here's his eight month picture for comparison.

I can't believe that in just a few months she'll be walking and talking. Time has really flown by with this little girl! I feel like it has gone by much faster than with Zane...probably because I've gotten more sleep!



Friday, June 8, 2012


In the past year, we've been home to Arkansas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and three family weddings. Unfortunately, our trip home last week was not for a happy occassion. We drove throught the night on Tuesday after getting the call that Mama Lou (my dad's mom) was in ICU. We spent the day with her Wednesday and said our final goodbyes to her on Thursday.

Being an adult is not always fun. Life and death decisions suck. And watching someone struggle for life is heartbreaking. So glad that we can take comfort in knowing that she's in a better place now. That Jesus promises a life everlasting. That she's finally home.

Mama Lou meeting Hollin, her first great-granddaughter, in November.

She was proud of her family. Four kids, eight grandkids, and three great-grands. She wanted me to make Zane's middle name Hollingsworth, to honor our family. I jokingly told her that I wouldn't do that to a child...that's alot to spell! But I did shorten it and came up with the name 'Hollin'.

Holding Hollin on Christmas day, soon after her shoulder surgery.

Keri's bridal shower in the fall

In her younger years, holding Andy.

The day of Lee's wedding, Matt and I made a quick trip to see her. When we walked in she said, "I knew you'd bring that baby to see me!" So glad that we did. Her house is about 50 yards from my parents' house, so going "home" will always feel a little different now.