Friday, September 9, 2011

the big boy bed



It’s official. He’s in the big boy bed. And things are going surprisingly well!big boy bed3So our original plan was to keep Zane’s room exactly as it was in ‘Ane’s old house’, and that’s what we did at first. He was still doing so well in a crib (not climbing out) that I was afraid to rock the boat. We were going to keep Hollin in our room until after Christmas, get Z big boy furniture for his birthday (and by this time hopefully he would be used to baby sister being around), and then do the switch. big boy roomBut….somehow, once we moved to Wisconsin, we got in the habit of Zane sleeping in our bed. This was NEVER the case in Little Rock, unless he was sick and we wanted to keep an eye on him. I knew that this had to change before the baby came. And there’s really not room for her cradle in our room. And her room is right across the hall….so we jumped the gun. And here’s proof that he actually sleeps in there:sleeping boyproofNot to mention that I found this really cute madras quilt and stars sheets on sale at Pottery Barn Kids and just couldn’t wait to order them! (still need to hang curtains)big boy bed2The first night he woke up THREE times. He actually didn’t seem scared. The first time he wanted Buzz Lightyear. The second time he wanted his ‘haha’ (pacifier). While I was looking for it and covering him up, I placed Woody on the pillow beside him. His string accidentally got pulled and he started singing ‘Home on the Range’. Zane whispered, “Shhh, Woody! It’s night-night time!” I couldn’t hide my laughing! The third time….well, it was about 5:30am and I told Matt to just put him in our from doorHe’s been in the big boy bed for six nights now. We’ve been laying down with him until he goes to sleep. The last five nights he has slept all night! And when he wakes up in the morning, he calls for me. When I go in, I either get him out or he says, “I get down now?”with rail  So bittersweet that he’s not in a crib anymore.IMG_2889