Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Badgers & Woo Pig!

Rumor has it that it will soon get cold here. In fact…in extreme cases, it could be 100 degrees colder than it is right now. (As in 75 minus 100 equals –25.) I think that there should be an entirely different word for temperatures that low. ‘Cold’ just doesn’t seem to do it justice. I can think of a few words, but we’ll wait and see once I’ve actually experienced it.
Rumor also has it that our work/responsibilities around here will soon more than double. There’s a certain little girl due to make her arrival in about seven weeks or so.
That being said, when Matt was offered two tickets to the UW-Oregon State game, we weighed our options.
Cons: We didn’t have a baby-sitter, we didn’t have a ticket for Zane, and Matt was on call.
Pros: Matt rarely gets paged when he’s on call (knock on wood). We could hopefully find Z a ticket to get in to his first college football game & he could sit in our laps. It was a beautiful, mid-70’s, 11am game and only one child to keep up with (and buy a ticket for), so if we didn’t stay the whole game, it wouldn’t be a total waste, right? Right!gobadgersWe had great seats, with cushions and seat backs, right on the aisle. And God bless the person beside us who didn’t show up, so we actually had three seats! 2011-09-10_13-23-46_521There were a few moments that could have potentially ruined the day. Matt got paged right at kick-off (luckily it was non-emergent). The second half of the first quarter sounded like, “Ane wanna go home. Ane not watch football AN.EEE.MORE. Ane really DOOO wanna go home.” Poor guy was really hot and tired. Enter….NAP! Right across our laps! The nap lasted until the beginning of the third quarter, and he was in a much better mood when he woke up. Aaaand, the M&M’s and Sprite didn’t hurt. :)2011-09-10_13-22-50_107We left right after the “Jump Around” at the beginning of the fourth quarter (a little scary because you can feel the whole stadium moving). We had to get home in time to change into our Arkansas shirts, put pork chops in the smoker, and get ready to call those Hogs! Zane sang the entire way down from the stadium…some song about us being up “weally weally high” and going to “Ane’s new home”.2011-09-10_13-27-55_131Here’s a picture of the back of his hat, just because it’s cute. I loved hearing him yell, “Go Badg-uhs!”2011-09-10_13-46-58_867  And when he said, “Woody say, ‘Go Pigs, too!’” go hogs

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