Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eleven months old

Eleven months old. hmmm...not sure how I feel about this. Eleven months. The last month before he's one YEAR. A whole number. I better keep doing these monthly posts, though. It's the only thing that keeps me on task and guarantees a post each month.

At eleven months, Zane:

*Will walk as long as he has one hand on the wall, my hand, the couch, a toy, etc. But it's just for security, not support. He could take off and go if he was brave enough. He can stand forever by himself and has taken some unassisted steps.

*Crawls normally on carpet. On hard floors he crawls with his right foot and slides his left leg and bottom! Saving those knees, I guess?

*Pats his head when asked, "Where's your head?" and his belly when asked, "Where's your belly?"

*Likes to turn off/on light switches. When someone says, "Thank you" he mimics with the same connotation. Does the same thing with "Happy Thanksgiving!"

*His favorite hobby is opening and closing cabinet doors, bedroom doors, and drawers.

*Does NOT understand "No no". He goes right back to the places he just got in trouble for! What the heck? I have no idea how to stop this.

*Added "uh-oh" to his vocab.

See how he's grabbing that shoelace? He wants to "floss" with it. Guaranteed. He "flosses" his teeth with any string, yarn, cord, etc that he can get his hands on. Just a word of advice to you parents out there.....don't give your 11 month old dental floss to play with. Just sayin......maybe we learned the hard way, maybe not. I'll never tell....

This is Zane with his third? cousin, Hunter. My favorite Hunter quote of the day: His grandma (my aunt) asked him how he pees. I'm expecting him to say "in the potty" or "like a big boy". Nope. Hunter's answer: "Like a race horse!" HA!
Here is Zane playing with his new toy that Aunt Claudia brought to my mom's house. LOVED it! He played with it for hours! Thank you Claudia and Hunter for your hand-me-down toys!Here's a video of Zane playing peek-a-boo. Hunter walks in the house at the end of the video. Around 20 seconds. Please note how Z totally zones in on him and looks completely enthralled!

Now, let the birthday planning begin!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween monkey, plasma cars, and that darned pumpkin patch

Surprise! Zane-O was a monkey for his first Halloween! Cutest little monkey I've ever seen! We didn't do any door-to-door trick or treating...just went to Memaw's and Mama Doot's. Aunt Lindsey, Uncle Erik, Nana, & Bo Joe all came to bring the little monkey goodies. Doesn't he look thrilled?
Here's our little family on Halloween. I really didn't want to use this picture because I look F-A-T, but it's the only one we took together. Besides, maybe everyone will focus on the cute little boy and my handsome husband. No more Halloween candy for me!
He's just trying to decide which tree to swing from first....
Having a monkey snack
Anyone got a banana?

So, moving on to plasma cars. Friday night we decided we'd go watch the Pulaski Academy and Little Rock Christian football game. We pulled up to a very dark, very empty, LRC football stadium. It seems we miscalculated and were a little early for the in, a whole week early! I felt pretty goofy because I had Z dressed up in his football sweater and hat. When we got back home, our neighbors were outside carving pumpkins and invited us over to play. Madison and McKinley have these cool plasma cars that were lots of fun!
And that DARNED Pumpkin Patch! You may have read my earlier hissy fit about wanting to take Zane to the pumpkin patch. On Saturday afternoon we decided to attempt another trip to that mysterious field full of pumpkins to capture pictures of our little pumpkin. We followed the signs...Pumpkin Patch 5 miles...Pumpkin Patch 2 miles...Pumpkin Patch 500 feet................



I honestly did not believe it was closed and told Matt to keep driving! I would open a gate, climb a fence, do whatever it took to get into that patch.

Except that the next sign said "WATCH FOR ALLIGATORS"!

Maybe next year?