Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seven months old

No one was injured in the making of these pictures....but oh, holy cow! Our monthly picture-taking session just got a lot more challenging! Trying to take pictures of a wiggly worm little boy is not so easy. See pictures below for proof! Matt and I say he has infant-onset ADHD. He is so concerned with everything going on around him--the dogs, the rain, the monkey, toys, etc--that it is practically impossible to get him to look at the camera. The other challenge is getting him to eat. I have to use the sneak-attack method to get food in this kid's mouth!

*Speaking of food, here are foods he is eating: butternut squash, carrots, peaches, avacado, sweet potato, apple sauce, frozen grapes (his fave), french fries. Oops! Did I say french fries? Ok, I'm that mom that gave her kid a french fry to keep him quiet in a restaurant. He's still breathing....

*On his seven month birthday he decided he could talk. He's just been babbling away...."mamamama, dadadadada, babababa". He will occasionally wave and say "byebye". I'm not sure how much he understands but it's very cute...especially since he waves backwards.

*This may be our last photo session with a big gummy smile. Well, not that he smiles very often for the camera anyway, but.....he has FOUR top, front teeth coming in! His gums are SO swollen!

*He is sitting up like a champ, rolling, squirming, and bouncing in his jumper, but no crawling yet. I really think he may walk before he crawls.

*He loves pulling his "pup sisters'" ears and they are so good with him. I heard Paisley wimpering the other day. When I looked down, Zane had an ear in each hand and had her head turned upside down! Poor pup!

*He will now sit in his high chair for 10 or 15 minutes while I make coffee, load the dishwasher, etc. Ya'll.....10 or 15 minutes with this kid is an ETERNITY!

What I go through to get a good shot:


Sunday, July 26, 2009

first night away...

Dear Zane,

Tonight is your very first night to spend away from mommy. I'm sure you're living the lap of luxury, having your every need & want met by Skeet and DeeDee. I, however, feel as if my right arm has been cut off! I seriously feel like I'm missing an appendage. I miss you like crazy, sweet boy, but I know that you are being well taken care of and having a great time. And I will be a much better mommy after this peaceful night of sleep that I'm so looking forward to. Sweet dreams, little man. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

In other news, you attended your first wedding this weekend and you were so good! I must give you was HOT and you hate to sit still, but you did great. And you looked just darling!

Cute boy at the reception
Our family
The loves of my life!
The best dancing partner ever!
Mommy & Daddy enjoying PF Chang's on our first baby-free night

Monday, July 20, 2009

zane's thoughts on decide!

The weird thing is.....he kept wanting more!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cabin trip

This past weekend we had a little "stay-cation" at the cabin in Heber Springs. Last month Matt and I only had ONE day that we were both off of work and this weekend was the first time this month that we were both off, so we decided to take full advantage and get away from home! We were lucky enough to have Thad & Sara join us. We don't get to see them nearly enough, so it was fun to catch up. Friday night we celebrated "Skeet's" birthday.
The boys went fly fishing and tied flies and, other than that, we did a whole lot of nothing! I love to do nothing. Sara & I played with Zane and talked about how excited we are for Ridge to be here!
Tying flies is intense, as you can tell by their faces.
A rare pic of Zane & mommy
Zane & Sarey
Z covered in carrots
Z after his bath

Maybe I'm a little partial, but I thought he looked adorable in his hat!
Matt and I celebrated our six year anniversary on Sunday! Wow! We both agreed that this year has been the most "life changing" year. We've never doubted that we were perfect for each other, but all you've got to do is look at the beautiful little boy we made and know that God placed us in each other's lives for a reason! Z had just woke up from a nap in this pic, so he doesn't look too thrilled about taking a pic with us.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Six months old

I'm late (as usual)! Zane turned six months old on June 27th. Can you believe he's been here a whole half year? He changes daily and has become so much fun lately as he develops his own little personality. We went for his well child visit yesterday and he's just perfect (except for an ear infection). Matt was a little disappointed in his stats. He was in the 90th percentile in length at birth and is now in the 25th percentile! Since his last monthly update, the sleeping issue has improved--if you want to call it that! He's gone from sleeping one & two hour stretches, to sleeping 3 & 4 hour stretches. I know, don't be jealous....Yes, we're still zombies. He is (I think) starting to at least take a morning nap. He'll sleep one day.....right? If not, he's destined to be an only child.

Some 6 month info:

*17.5 lbs (50th %), 26 inches (25th %), and his head circumference was in the 60th %
*can roll both ways
*can sit-up without support for a short time
*has developed a fake cough. I really need to get this on video because it is HI-larious!
*likes to give me big open-mouthed kisses....that also involve sucking on my cheek or chin....a little odd
*mimicks us making a clicking sound with our tongues
*says what sounds like 'hi' in a really high pitched voice
*can blow 'raspberries' and bubbles
*sleeps in his own room (for most of the night, anyway)
*LOVES the pool and bathtime. He splashes his little heart out!
*has tried some solid foods. He liked his homemade butternut squash and carrots....not so fond of peaches, yet....hates plain rice cereal.

Six Month Photo Session

Nice to meet you. I'm Zane.
Done yet?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day....way late

M is for Mets. You let me watch with you when the Mets are on TV. You hold me in front of the TV and we pretend we're batting. You're already teaching me which pitches to swing at and which ones to let go. I hope one day we can "meet the Mets, step right up and greet the Mets" in person.
A is for alike. That's how you dress us sometimes and mom loves it!T is for Tumnus. Just another funny name you call me. Mr. Tumnus, to be more proper. And you tell me I have goat feet. I love you, dad, but you are a little strange sometimes.
T is for Travs. We spent Father's Day at the Travs game. Fun times!H is for hero. That's what you are to me. You are the best dad and you are daily showing me how to one day be a great husband.
E is for early mornings. Thank you for taking some early morning shifts so mom can get a little rest and stay half-way sane. (pic of what I DON'T do during the night)W is for work, which is something you do alot of, and pour your whole heart into. You work hard at the hospital and on your days off you work even harder at home (your words). Thank you for all that you do.

I love you, Dad-0! Hope you had a great first Father's day.