Monday, August 29, 2011

pirate ship



Zane likes to pretend that all jungle gyms are his “pirate ships”. He especially loves if there is a steering wheel in it so that he can ‘steer’ the pirate ship. He calls himself ‘Pirate Man Ane’ and I’m ‘Pirate Man Mama’.

Uncle Bob & Gigi (Lee & Amanda) came up to Wisconsin this weekend to visit and they got Zane (& Hollin) their very own ‘Pirate Ship’!!!ane'spirateship ane'spirateship3He was so excited! This one didn’t come with a steering wheel, but Dada & Uncle Bob found one. In this picture, Zane had just said, “Sank you, Uh-hul Bob.”sankyoubobdadda He’s already a pro at climbing the rock wall.rockwallHe calls this his airplane. He rides it “fah fah away to Dee Dee & Nana’s house”. IMG_2829airplanewithbobairplaneBob, Gigi, and Dad got to work on this right after Zane went down for his nap. When he woke up, it was almost done! carpenters The slide wasn’t on yet, so Zane “slept” on it. Then he said, “Put dat slide on!”slidesleepingslide He even used the swings, which he never does!swingingThis little guy’s day just got better, because then we heard the ice cream truck! This time he got Dora ice cream. Fantastically messy!icecreamicecream2  I had to carry him straight to the bathtub!monkeymonkey2And then tried on his new belt from Dee Dee & E!belt2Thank you Bob & Gigi for my new pirate ship!IMG_2837   

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Morgan Smith said...

glad his new babysitter is working out so well! love hearing all about yall:)