Saturday, December 17, 2011

two months


Hollin-bear-bear, as she’s known around these parts, turned two months old yesterday. I can honestly say that it’s been a great two months! She is such an easy baby. And I have permission to say that because I know the other end of the spectrum.

I love her predictability. She eats at 9:30pm, I wrap her up in her miracle blanket, insert the ‘haha’ (paci), and she self-soothes herself to sleep. She sleeps a four or five hour stretch (she has slept six hours and seven hours once), then she pretty much eats every three hours the rest of the day. She’s rarely awake longer than two hours, then it’s nap time. “Tummy time” usually results in nap time and her cheeks look so squishy. Oh, those cheeks. Don’t you just want to eat them up? They are sooo kissable!IMG_3720 She only cries when she really hungry. Otherwise, she just kind of grunts and occasionally makes a bird-like noise. Today Zane said, “Mama, Ha-yin sound like a cat!”

Most people say she looks like me. It’s probably the cheeks. And her hair looks red in pictures, but not really in person. She’s pretty much the sweetest baby ever.IMG_3930At her appointment yesterday, she weighed 11lb 9oz and was 22.5 inches long. She has really good head control and the cutest grins. Our only concern at the appointment was that her right tear duct seems to have not opened yet. Here’s Zane’s two month pic. I think they look nothing alike. Matt says they do.2monthszaneWhat else… Oh, yeah. She’s the gassiest baby ever, but I guess that’s good because she’s happy. More room out than in! Although, it’s a little embarrassing when she does it in the Target dressing room. They could honestly rival a grown man.

She’ll be 9 weeks old tomorrow and will be boarding an airplane for the first time. I’m flying to Arkansas with both kids, so wish me luck!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

so so glad you have a "easy" baby :) :)