Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s his potty and he’ll go where he wants to

We’re working on potty training at our house. Basically, if Zane has on a diaper, he’ll go in it. He’ll even tell you, “I like to tee tee in my dy-cer”. Let him run around in his birthday suit and he’ll go to the potty every time.

Today he yelled, “I need to tee tee! Baff room door locked!” Somehow he had locked the door. Matt told him just to go outside and opened the front door for him. He was kidding. Sort of.

So Zane just stood on the front step and did this…2011-12-01_15-35-22_305We were laughing hysterically and told him to go in the bushes! 2011-12-01_15-34-57_951

Folks, it was 29 degrees out there. But that’s one less diaper I had to change.


Nancy said...

Classic! I found your blog through following Julee's ~ that post reminded me of my son when he was younger :)

the osbornes said...

ha, I love it!!