Wednesday, December 28, 2011

‘that airplane lady’



Traveling with an almost three-year old and a nine week old…alone. Scary. But I did it and lived to tell about it. Honestly, it couldn’t have gone any smoother.

We had to leave the house at 4:30am and drive to Milwaukee to catch our 6:55am flight. We cut it close, the security line was slow moving, and I got a little nervous that we weren’t going to make it. Zane could’ve just walked through, but he wanted to take his shoes off, too (of course) and they made him take off his fleece. I had to fold up the stroller to put it through the metal detector, dress/undress Zane, take off/put on my shoes, all while Hollin was attached to me in the Moby wrap. Because she was all wrapped up on me, they required me to have my hands tested (for chemicals?…not sure). Needless to say, these things slowed us down. But we ended up making it to our gate in plenty of time, and for some reason there were only TWENTY people on our flight. This meant we could take up as much space as we wanted.

Zane chose the very first row. Once we sat down he told me he needed help with his seatbelt. I told him I would help him. “NO. I want that airplane lady help me.” He later told her he needed help. She had a three-year old grandson, so she was pretty smitten with Zane. Later he said, “I wanna tell that airplane lady something.” She wasn’t around so I’m not sure what he was gonna tell her. When she asked if he wanted a drink he said, “No, I fine. You have pretzels for me.”

He fell asleep right before we landed (of course) and the flight attendants were SO helpful with getting the stroller and him into it, getting my carry-ons, etc.

Our next flight was really empty, too. Hollin barely made a peep the whole time. And was the cutest little flyer.IMG_3988 IMG_3987All that morning traveling required a peaceful afternoon nap underneath the Christmas tree.IMG_3971

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Lauren said...

I know you were so relieved that it went smoothly! I seriously thought about you several times and wondered how it went. =) Hope the rest of the trip was great too.