Saturday, December 10, 2011

11 Degrees


giraffe3Way too cold to get these babies out, so I don’t feel guilty that we stayed in our pj’s all day. Well, Zane and I did. Dad was moonlighting at the VA, and Hollin has too many cute clothes to stay in one outfit for long. So this girl just hung out being cute.prettyinpinkdece10This guy “pwayed” a lot, tt’d in the potty, and colored.colorAnd we laughed at each other making silly faces.sillyfaces1giraffesmileAnd he loved on little sister. (I promise she doesn’t have lipstick on!)love This picture kinda sums up my day: piles of laundry, Zane watching TV, warm slippers & coffee to keep me warm. The funny thing is, we’ve barely had any snow…soon to change, I’m sure!coffee Oh, Wisconsin…why do you have to be so cold?giraffe6      At least we’re headed south in eight days!yaySide note: someone made this bow at my shower and it matches her outfit perfectly! I can’t remember who made it…anyone wanna claim it??  IMG_3812 

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Crady said...

Love, love, love her outfit... for obvious reasons!!