Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smiles & Frowns



“You mean this guy is gonna bring ME presents?!”

Get ready for picture overload because ohmygoshmybabygirlwasgivingmethebiggestgrinstoday andshe’sthemostpreciousthingeverandI’mOBSESSEDwith her! phew. Seriously, though. She’s cute.1stchristmas1BIGgrinBIGgrin1    smile1smileysmirktonguebrighteyesbeautyOk, so while Miss Hollin is all smiles and loving her current role in life (what’s not to love about eating, sleeping, pooping, getting 1000s of kisses a day, and being dressed like a little doll?)….her big brother had a rough morning.

Enter frowns:


Here’s why: We watched The Polar Express last night. And apparently we should have had a talk about when ‘Ho Ho’ delivers presents. This morning I hear Zane jump out of bed and call from the top of the stairs, “HO HO come! HO HO COOOOOME, Mama!”

Um, he did?

Z runs down stairs, looks around, and begins to wail. So I try to explain that Santa comes on Christmas Eve and leaves presents for Christmas morning…in about three weeks. And that he would bring presents to DeeDee’s house and Nana’s house because that’s where we would be at Christmas.

“Ho Ho not come to my NEW house?!?! WHAAAAA!”sadface1Looks like I’ll be making a call to the North Pole to ask Santa to make a special delivery to ‘Ane’s new house’ on December 16th.

I think our trip to the children’s museum cheered him up a little. Until it was time to leave, of course.1206111048522011-12-06_11-06-27_6162011-12-06_11-25-13_878