Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Madison

 santa2011Santa found out that we were going to be in Arkansas during Christmas, so he made an early stop in Madison on the night of December 16th! He not only brought presents….santa2he brought some snow from the North Pole, too!2011-12-17_09-08-45_295 Zane got every Cars 2 character imaginable, an “ipad” (Innotab), and other goodies.chrismtasmorning christmasmorning12011-12-17_09-08-07_734 Hollin got some boots, leg warmers, hair bands, etc.2011-12-17_09-05-36_795 Santa left a trail of M&Ms from Zane’s room allll the way down the stairs into the living room. Zane chanted, “!” all the way down.mms2The night before we left Santa some milk and cookies and a note from Zane and a carrot for the reindeer. Zane had ‘snowmen’ ham & cheese for dinner!cookiescookiesforsanta1noteforsantasnowmanfood2snowmanfoodAfter all of the ‘Christmas’ morning excitement, we packed our bags. We had to leave at 4:30am on Sunday to catch our flight to Arkansas!

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Jose and Carrie said...

Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card - love it! Tell Matt Hello from us!