Thursday, December 8, 2011

Olbrich Botanical Gardens



It’s starting to get really cold here in Wisconsin…the high tomorrow is 20! We’ve been trying to find some fun activities to do because we just all seem to have a better day if we get out of the house. It does Zane good to run around and get out his ‘many energies’ and it does my sanity good to talk to other adults and to have a small break from his very repetitive questions. IMG_3783Today we joined our neighbors, Skye & Siela, at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Siela is 19 months old, so she has a good time trying to keep up with Zane and she LOVES baby Hollin. And Zane definitely likes going places with a cute little girl!IMG_3787Currently they have the atrium set up for Holiday Express. It’s filled with Christmas trees, poinsettias, bird houses,  and TRAINS! Zane was intrigued! You can see Thomas going by behind Zane and his cute shirt that was made by one of the sweet nurses that Matt works with (and Z’s goofy grin).IMG_3782We also went into the Observatory which is full of exotic plants and flowers, birds, fish, and a waterfall. Bonus…it’s really warm in there!

This little doll was a perfect angel the whole time we were there. I think she really enjoys the sling. And I think she also enjoyed all of the attention from the ladies that worked there.IMG_3792IMG_3791I’m glad we’ve found another fun place to visit this winter. Another bonus: it only cost me $5.50 ($3 to get in and $2.50 for Zane’s ice cream)!

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