Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: home away from home

Once again, Zane and I made treats for his friends at Mrs. Jeri's. Once again, it was an idea from Pinterest. What would I do without that site? Make plain ole chocolate cupcakes? In the words of Zane, "Boring!"

Tada! Turkey cupcakes!

This is the first year that we have spent Thanksgiving away from family. We copped out of being adults at Easter and went to Cracker Barrel. We decided to buck up and be adults for Thanksgiving. We were really excited that our friends, Jon and Kirsten, joined us. We may not have been with family, but we had a great day and some GOOD food! Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, and bourbon pecan pie. Mmmm.

Spider-Man joined us, too.

And this little girl who looks like she's calling the hogs in every picture.

Zane likes to climb in bed with her and declare, "It's a party in her bed!"

Zane played some serious super hero games with Mr. Jon. And then this happened at 5pm. Brother was out for the night.

About the time that he went to bed, Hollin woke up from her nap and demanded more of Ms. Kirsten's sweet potatoes.

She then found her sunglasses and threw a fit until I put them on her. So funny. She thought she was pretty darn cute. We did, too.

Feeling pretty blessed to have these three in my life.


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Dianne Cordell said...

I love reading your blog. Your pictures were great! You have a beautiful family! It seems like Zane is always in for an adventure, and your little girl is always so happy.