Thursday, November 1, 2012

raising zane.

Never a dull moment.

The most important thing in Zane's life right now?



Ironman, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Ninja Turtle, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Captain America (not pictured). Totally ridiculous that he has this many costumes. He gets up every morning, asking who he can be today. And after bath, "Which super hero can I be tonight?! Occasionally I tell him he has to be Zane. Like, for church. Other days it's just not a battle I choose to fight. But I did trick him into wearing his batman shirt under a button-up one day. It was his "disguise". I have to give him a 'Superman curl' when he's dressed as Superman.

I've been videoing him a lot lately. His imagination amazes me, and I don't want forget the things he says or the sweet little voice his says them in. He randomly tells me all throughout the day that he loves me. My favorite is when he says, "Mommy, I love you too much. How can I love you so much?" I mean, seriously? Is this real life? I got him on video promising to give me kisses even when he's big and in school and in front of his friends. I'm terrible.

Of course, everything he says isn't sweet. Sometimes it's just weird. Like the morning he woke up with morning-whiny-voice (nails on a chalkboard) and wanted to sing "Nationwide is on your side." Um, ok. Sing it. "But I need the muuuuusic!" You better believe I YouTube'd that as fast as my fingers would type. And then he was fine. Now he sings it every time we ask what his favorite commercial is.

"Oh, pickles!" is his new favorite phrase (instead of oh, darn). He also likes "Oh, puppets!" which has caused me to whip my head around a few times in surprise.

He tells me he has things "all under control". The other day he opened the door to his room and asked for help zipping his jacket. I showed him how to get it started and then he said, "I got it all figured out now. Thanks for your help." And then he closed the door in my face.

He is definitely full of character. He's sweet sweet. My tiny superhero.


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Allyson Petty said...

I miss him. Next spring/summer can't get here fast enough. Zane is so funny, I mean he is Matt's child.