Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

I had to work Halloween night so Matt was in charge of trick-or-treating. I was off the day before Halloween so Zane and I spent the day making Halloween crafts and goodies for his party at Ms. Jeri's.

Mummy hotdogs and mummy cupcakes

We made ghost paintings with our feet and spider paintings with our hands. And the mummy cupcakes....Zane "helped" make them. We talked about not touching our mouths or noses while making the cupcakes. His main role was placing the eyes. Every.single.time he put one on he got icing on his fingers. Every.single.time he started to lick it off. Every.single.time he would stop himself and say, "No." He started getting really frustrated and said, "I just want to EAT them!" Well, of course I let him eat one, but let's move on to the best part.
The next morning we walk into Ms. Jeri's house, excited for the Halloween party. I'm holding Hollin on one hip and the cupcake carrier in my other hand. She tells Zane that they're going to make cookies and....Zane interrupts. With an excited voice he says, "We don't need cookies!" He points to the cupcake carrier that I'm holding. And flips the latch. And the cupcakes, aaallll of the cupcakes, fall upside down in the floor right in her entryway. Awesome. He looked heartbroken.
Making cookies with his friends
I was informed that the lady bug has wedding plans for her and Zane.
Zane many costumes again? Like a hundred, or something redic. And every time someone asked what he was going to be for Halloween? "I'm gonna be superman in my superman jammies!" (Side note: His superman jammies are size 2T. He's now in 4T. So they hit about mid-calf.) The NIGHT BEFORE Halloween he tells me he's going to be Robin (as in, Batman and Robin) for Halloween. You're thinking he has a Robin costume because he has a zillion. NOPE. Oh, and also, he tells me that "Baby Hollin is going to be a giant baby for Halloween." ??? Again, awesome.
Luckily, I know all about the elements of surprise, newness, and bribery.
I just happened to have this hidden in my closet. And he just happened to get surprised with it on Halloween morning. And loved it. Phew. Robin was a distant memory.
He looks adorable and just like his daddy.
I give Matt all the credit for this little cutie's costume. He picked it out.
And even though Halloween is his least favorite holiday (and because I was at work), he took the kids to the neighbor's house and trick-or-treating.
Here's the cuteness overload:


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Sharon Bell said...

I love reading about the Southern Bells. Zane keeps me laughing. Love the Southernmost Bells