Tuesday, November 6, 2012

12 month appointment

Is that not the saddest little face you've ever seen? That is the face of a one year old after four immunizations and a blood draw. And of course she's a chubby one year old so they missed the vein in the right arm and had to do it again in the left. Oy vey.
Zane told me before we went that "I just can't watch baby Hollin get shots because it might hurt her". So for shots he hid his face. When she started screaming he YELLS, "Aaahhhh! That doesn't sound very good!" Apparently he got over that. Fast forward to the lab, where I'm sweating bullets, holding Hollin in a full body lock in my lap, two phlebotomists are trying to find a vein, she's screaming bloody murder....where's Zane? Head poked between legs, under an arm, wherever he can get to see what's going on. "What they doin', Mommy? What is a vwein? Why they need her blood? STOP scweamin', Baby Hollin!"
Seriously brutal. It wore us all out. Even Zane. He came home and fell asleep at 4pm. And slept until five the next morning! Luckily, matt needed to get up early and work on a presentation. But 5am is still early. This is how I found him in the living room at 7:30am.
Here she is before the appointment.
Playing in the exam room. Happy and naive to what was about to happen.
One year stats:
Height: 29 inches (38th%)
Weight: 21lb 4oz (66th%)
Head circumference: 47.5cm (96th%)
Short, chunky, big head, healthy. Pretty sure her stranger anxiety just got a lot worse.
I have to give credit to Zane. He was really a good helper. He wanted to know what was taking the doctor so long. He asked her, "Did you have a really hard case next door?" Ha! Obviously he's heard a little medical talk at home. He taught them how to 'shoot webs' like Spider-Man. I thanked him for being a good big brother while I was putting him in the car. He took one of his stickers off and slapped it on my arm. "Ank you for being a good mommy." Highest praises from a three year old.


HickChickBritt said...

Oh my! I love Zane's comments. Too cute. Poor Hollin, why did they have to draw here blood?

Adventures of Three Harts said...

Hi, a friend of Hannah's and a follower of you :)

I feel your pain on the blood draw- we were in your shoes. Nothing worse than them having to stick again when it is their fault. I swear I grew horns when it happened to us.

Hope guys quickly forget about that bad day!