Monday, October 22, 2012

one year.


It happened.
I think all of my monthly posts about Hollin start with how sweet she is. But she is! That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Ha Bear. Oh, and happy! Honestly, she is happy 99% of the time.

Zane was a hard baby. Think colic, crying, never sleeping, more crying. I remember someone told me that all moms thought their babies were "high maintenance". False. Hollin is low maintenance. Low, low maintenance. I've even heard, "She's the best baby I've ever seen." Now, she'll probably sass talk me, and tell me "You just don't understand!", and give me gray hair and wrinkles when she's 13. And I'll forgive her a few extra times just because she was such a good baby.

At one year:

*Hollin still eats everything! We went to the Mexican restaurant in Hampton (yes, Hampton has a Mexican restaurant) and she ate a whole bowl of guacamole, refried beans, rice, tortillas, and cheese dip. She takes three bottles a day (morning nap, afternoon nap, bedtime). We followed the rules with Zane and gave him his last bottle the night before he turned one. We switched him to whole milk in a sippy cup. And then he fell off of the growth chart. So we're doing this gradually with Hollin. We are mixing whole milk and formula. I think we'll cut out the afternoon bottle soon.

*She has four top teeth, two bottom teeth, and two more breaking through on the bottom.

* She is crawling everywhere, but has no interest in walking. She does cruise around on the furniture.

* She goes to bed at about 730 or 8pm and sleeps until about 730am. Sometimes she wakes up in the night, but it's nothing that the paci can't fix! Sometimes she still takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap, but I think they are starting to merge into one.

* I think the only new word that she has added this month is 'bite'.

* She is wearing 12 month clothes, some 12-18 month clothes. Size 3 diapers.

* She patty cakes and now 'rolls it up'. Gives lots of kisses. She has started crawling up in our laps, laying her head on our shoulder, and giving us kisses. What a sweetheart.

Here are Zane and Hollin, each at one year.




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The Rohman Family said...

just ran onto your blog from Julee's. Super sweet kids you have :)