Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding in Arkansas



So, I was horrible about taking pictures last week when we were in Arkansas…I was a little busy and stressed out that the grumpy little guy in this picture wouldn’t make it down the aisle.

In his defense, he felt horrible for several days. The Monday before we left, he fell at the park and split his lip open.2011-08-01_12-26-45_39Doesn’t look too bad here, but it later turned into a HUGE ulcer. Ugh…I know how painful those are and this poor little guy didn’t eat or drink for about three days. Combined with the fact that we got to AR on the hottest recorded day IN HISTORY (115 degrees), we were concerned with dehydration. Long story short, he felt better just in time for the rehearsal, looked darling in Kara & Daniel’s wedding, and was the perfect little ring bearer! Wish I had more pictures of the wedding, the beautiful bride, and the fabulous reception….maybe I can get some from other people later.

Kara is brilliant and got Zane the perfect gift: TRACTORS! He played with these and didn’t make a peep during the rehearsal dinner.tractor playIMG_2605z&joshOh, just looking at these pics…I have to tell the story of the ‘blue shirt’. I had Z a cute little outfit all ready to wear to the rehearsal. And he wasn’ He wanted to wear his blue shirt and blue shorts. Which were in the washing machine, of course. We throw them in the dryer, force ibuprofen down his throat, fix his hair….clothes still wet. I iron his shorts to get them dry. Matt starts ironing the shirt, all the while Z is yelling, “I want BLUE shirt!!!” Matt tells him he’s ironing it to make it warm. “I want COLD BLUE shirt!” At this point I’ve lost my mind and throw the shirt in the freezer while saying in my most sarcastic voice, “There. Your blue shirt is getting cold in the freezer. It will be fabulous.” Problem solved. Back to the wedding: Here’s a glimpse of the pre-wedding meltdown.fitpitifulAnd the wedding party with the perfect little ring bearer. This was before the wedding, during pictures. I carried him down the aisle, kicking and screaming, stuck him in his spot, and ran. He was perfectly still. Even gave a few smiles. And maybe got everyone to clap for him when the pictures were over….wedding partyweddingringbearer     

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