Friday, August 12, 2011

Conversation with Zane


Zane was very talkative on the way home from dinner tonight. A cute little conversation that jumps from one subject to the next. Here’s a little peek into the thoughts of a 2 year old.

Me: Ready to go, Brother?

Z: My name not brudder!

Me: But you’ll be a big brother when Hollin gets here.

Z: Hollin be a brudder, too?

Me: No, Hollin will be your little sister & you’ll be her big brother.

Z: Hollin come to Mama’s new house? And DeeDee’s house?

Me: Yep, when she’s born she’ll come to Mama’s new house. And when we go to DeeDee’s house, Hollin will come, too. Where is Hollin now?

Z: In mama’s tummy. It’s weally, weally big! (honesty, right?) I see MOON! It’s weally, weally bwight. Dare’s a man up dare (There’s a man up there.) It’s nighttime?

Me: Uh-huh, it’s nighttime.

Z: It’s nighttime at DeeDee’s house and Nana’s house?

Me: Yep.

Z: Oh, no! That moon went bye bye. (It went behind some clouds) He went to him’s home. To see him’s mama and him’s dada. Bye bye moon! See my alligator shirt?

Me: I see your alligator shirt. I like it!

Z: I like it, too. I like my brown shirt, too. Aunt Kaye Kaye got it for Ane. My name Ane Tom Bell (Zane Thomas Bell). What's you name? Mama Tom Bell?

Me: Nooo. My name is Sarah Elizabeth Bell

Z: O-tay.

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