Sunday, August 28, 2011

zane’s adventures in baby-sitting, again



So this is what our mornings have looked like lately. Some little stinker keeps finding his way into mom & dad’s bed. I love how his little toes are curled. That’s okay…I sleep fine. I’ve discovered that using my big body pillow as a barrier keeps Zane from kicking me out of the bed. Matt, on the other hand, says he sleeps with a head or feet in his back. sleepyheadThis was Thursday morning. I had to wake Zane up early to take him to his new baby-sitter’s house while I went to my three hour glucose test. (Yucky, boring, long, but I passed!) It was taking Z a little bit to wake up. can'tsmileI asked him to say ‘cheese’. “No, I tan’t say cheese.” “You just said it. Say it again, except with a smile!”  “No, I tan’t!” can'tsmile2But after he got his ‘a-ha juice’ (apple juice), he was a little bit friendlier.cheeseUpdate on the child-care situation: While we LOVED having ‘Miss Chessie’ come to the house and keep Zane, our schedules just weren’t coordinating exactly. We miss her and will definitely call her again for a weekend or date night.

Last Monday was his first day with ‘Miss Jeri’. She (SO conveniently) lives in our neighborhood. Not just in our neighborhood, but on the street behind us! Miss Jeri keeps several kids in her home. We went over Sunday night so that Zane could meet her and feel comfortable in her house. Before we left he was giving her kisses and ‘eww-ahhs’.

Monday morning I told him I was taking him to Miss Jeri’s to play with other kids. He said, “I pway? It be fun?” I got there early so that I was sure to have time to spend with him there until he felt comfortable. He immediately started playing with the little girl that was there (also two) and barely looked up to tell me good-bye. That was so reassuring.

He was a little more apprehensive on Tuesday morning. He told me, “I want you stay and pway, too. I not want you go bye bye in that shirt.” (He knows when I have on red & khaki that I’m headed to work). There was a little lip-poke and a few tears, but they didn’t last long. She brought him some grapes and he started playing with the other kiddos (2 two-year olds this time, boy & girl). After a few minutes he said, “Woof woof. Bye bye. Be sweet.” (The ‘woof woof’ is because he commonly pretends to be a puppy dog.)

Then on Thursday morning he did just fine. No tears. He was still napping when I got home from my appointment, so I just came on home and was able to get the whole house clean before he woke up. When she called, I just walked over to get him. So convenient! Matt picked him up on Monday & Tuesday when he got off of work, so Thursday was my first day to pick him up. When I walked in the door, he RAN to me and hugged me so tight! It was the best feeling!

He talks about ‘pwaying at Miss Jeri’s’ so that makes me feel like he likes it there. I'm really thinking this is going to work out great! Answered prayers!IMG_2730


Faith said...

It is truly a gift from God when they LOVE where they stay when they can't be with you! :) So thankful and happy for you:) Will she keep Hollis?

the osbornes said...

that's great! I can't imagine how stressful it is to try to find childcare in a new,unknown place! He is seriously the cutest thing

The Cross Family said...

So glad things are coming together for you, I can only imagine how stressful it is. Congrats on baby #2 for you guys, having two is great, we love it. We find out this week what we are having...should be interesting managing 3 kiddos!