Friday, August 19, 2011

“Mmm Bah Chee”, and other randoms


Aka Sponge Bob. What is the deal? What kind of magical sponge power does Sponge Bob have that he can suck kids into the television, make them point out every item in the grocery store with his picture on it, and scream to watch him at bedtime? IMG_2691The ice cream truck came by our house and of course Zane had to have the “Mmm Bah Chee” ice cream. I used to think he called him “Mmm Bah Chee” because he thought Sponge Bob was cheese…he does kinda look like a piece of Swiss…however, the other day he pointed to a blue sponge in the kitchen sink and said, “Blue Mmm Bah?”   IMG_2712In other news, some days Zane thinks he is too big for his high chair and likes to sit at the island. Here he has pushed one of his chairs next to the bar stool so that he could climb up. And you can count his ribs. Probably because he would prefer to “eat” his plastic play food.IMG_2713IMG_2714We’ve been going to a playgroup on Thursdays with other wives/kids of UW residents and fellows. Zane loves to go play and it gives me a chance to meet some new people and have “mommy talk”. We’ve also found some new parks and play places we otherwise wouldn’t have known about.IMG_2731triceratopsdirtLast night Zane said, “Mama, you pway wiv me?” Who can say no to that? So we played Mr. Potato Head in the floor. He was waving MPH’s hand and saying, “Hi hi hi” in a really deep voice. Cracks me up.potatoheadhihihicutecowboy     

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