Friday, October 7, 2011

Sleeping babies



This little boy is obsessed with what time of day it is. Every night he asks, “It nighttime, mama?” First thing in the morning he says, “It not nighttime anymore. It mohn-in time.”  Sometimes, just before dark, he’ll say, “It not really, really nighttime.”

Last night Zane and I were in ‘mama’s bed’ watching cartoons. It’s kind of our nightly routine. He’ll tell me, “Ni Hao (or whatever is on) not over yet, mama. Ni Hao not over yet.” So when Ni Hao went off, I turned off the TV and we said our nighttime prayer. Then Zane said, “It nighttime, mama?” “Yep. It’s nighttime.” “Ok. I go get in Ane’s bed.”

WHAT?! He grabbed his blanket and off he went. I just stayed there, a little in shock. I looked at the monitor and sure enough, he had crawled into bed! I waited a minute, but I couldn’t stand it. On one hand, this is a dream come true. Just a month or so ago, bedtime was a kicking, screaming fit. So this is a definite improvement. But it made me SO sad! And there was no way I could just let him go to bed without being tucked in, so I went in to tell him goodnight. I told him that he was such a big boy to get in his big boy bed all by himself. He said, “You get in bed with me.” Um, ok.IMG_2919 Today he came and told me, “Don’t wake Hah-yin (Hollin) up, Mama. She’s seeeepin.”  I said, “Ok, she’s sleeping in mama’s tummy.” “NO! She seepin ov-uh dare. Don’t wake her up!” This is what I saw:IMG_3079That’s a good sign of a great big brother, right?IMG_2902  


Kristen and David said...

Oh my word. That is precious!!! He is going to the best big brother!!

Krissy Vaughan Raney said...

That is so precious!!! He will be an excellent 'big' brother!!