Thursday, October 27, 2011


holding sister

Zane is still pretty oblivious to the baby in the house. He will pay attention to her if we specifically ask him to give her a kiss or tell her hi. He likes to rub her head, too. But, for the most part, he forgets about her.

This was last Wednesday night, our second night home from the hospital. We asked him to hold his sister and take a picture with her. You can tell he’s got an idea brewing….laughing  Guess what’s coming…guess whatOh, yeah. Another lick. Or ‘the ultimate stamp of approval’, as one of my facebook friends called it.anotherlickanotherlick1We did get one ‘human’ kiss out of him…kissIt took him a few days to even notice me feeding her. When he did notice, he said, “Her eating you tummy?” I told him yes, that’s how she gets her milk. “It’s white milk?” Yep, I don’t make chocolate. What must go through the mind of an almost-three-year old?

I took a picture of Zane every month on his ‘birthday’ for over two years. Always in this chair, with his monkey. I haven’t decided what Hollin is going to take her picture with yet, so for her first ‘monthly pic’ I just took one in her crib. She looks so tiny in it!monthlypicafewdays

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