Monday, October 24, 2011

bringing baby home…



On Tuesday we got to bring our sweet little girl home! Initially my doctor said that they routinely keep patients three or four days, so we would probably stay until Wednesday or Thursday.

On Monday morning at 7am we were awoken by a jack hammer in our room. Ok, it wasn’t actually in our room, but it was so loud that it sounded like there was a lawn mower or something INSIDE our room! There was construction going on and it was so loud that we couldn’t even talk to each other. (Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we have to go back on Wednesday and have her hearing re-evaluated in her right ear?) When Dr. S came by, she said that since this wasn’t our first baby and we were both medical professionals, she would let us go home on Tuesday as long as everything was going well with me and the baby. Hallelujah!

Our stay at the hospital was actually GREAT! Everyone was SO nice. The nurses were great and so, so helpful with getting me and Hollin comfortable nursing. We had a big private room with a bathroom, and Matt even had his own bed. There was a “family kitchen” down the hall with free snacks and drinks available 24/7. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer if it weren’t for the horrible construction noises. Then again, it felt SO good to be home and to see Zane.

Matt said that it felt so different driving home with a new baby this time. He said he had never been so nervous behind the wheel of a car, as the day we brought Zane home. Everything has just seemed more calm and normal this time (including the baby!).

This is the dress that she came home in. Her DeeDee made it and it’s so precious. Funny: Matt and I put it on and buttoned it up the back….We later learned we had put it on backwards. We’re goofballs. Either way, she looked like a little angel.IMG_3215relaxin sweet girl She also had on her Razorback socks. It’s weird to me that we had a baby in Wisconsin! She’ll always have Southern roots, though.Go Hogs feettoes

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Faith said...

And she WILL know how to call the hogs. Ashton only spent the first two years of her life in AR, but she does and will continue to be a hogs fan:) Thanks for the comment at More Than Rubies!