Thursday, October 13, 2011

call the ‘tt’ man

Oh, gosh. I’m literally wiping away tears because I’m laughing so hard. It’s really difficult to discipline Zane sometimes because he’s SO FUNNY.

Just now we were watching The Incredibles. Zane touched the tv (and fingerprints on the tv drive.Matt.crazy). Matt told Z not to touch the tv. He did it again. Matt told him, more sternly this time, to NOT touch the tv. He did it again. So Matt secretly turned the tv off with the remote and said, “You touched it again and it broke. You touched the tv even after I told you not to.”

Zane says, “I touch the ‘tt’ a wiiiitttle bit.”

At this point I’m biting my lip. Covering my mouth. Looking away.

Matt says, “What are we gonna do now, Zane? You broke the tv.”

“You call that tt man and tell him come fix our tt, Dada Matt Bell. You call that tt man.”

Yep. I snorted. And then Matt starts laughing. I mean, how in the world does he even know that there’s a such thing as a “tv man”??  Needless to say, The Incredibles is playing once again on our ‘tt’.


Faith said...

Though I desperately wish we lived closer not only for our own sakes so we could be together, but so our kids could grow up together, posts like this make me realize that there is a reason God has NOT allowed us to raise our children together. The world could NOT handle Ashton and Zane's two-year old powers combined. Seriously.

Kristen and David said...

That's hilarious! What an adorable story!! He is just the cutest thing!

Nancy said...

You have a precious family & I love your blog!