Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bumpdate: 34, 35


34weeks,3days                             34 weeks, 3 days35w,3d                                    35 weeks, 3 days

My 35 week & 4 day ‘Top Ten List’:

10. It takes me about ten whole minutes to maneuver myself out of bed. First I have to wrestle with “Boppy”, my human-sized pillow that I sleep with to attempt at a comfortable position. After I untangle myself, I then try to roll over. It’s not so much a fluid rooolllll, as it is a ‘scootch, nudge, roll, toss, rinse & repeat.’  Throw legs over bed. Push up from side. And, finally, attempt to stand.

9.  Nine (hundred) times per day (at least) that Zane says one of the following: “Hold me, Mama. Ane’s feet don’t work. Ane can’t walk—he TIE-YUD. Ane can’t go up stairs—him a puppy dog. Mama puppy dog take me up stairs.” Adorably cute, annoyingly heavy.

8. I have eight items that need to be hung on the walls in the nursery.

7. Seven more shifts left at work before maternity leave!

6. I washed and packed six gowns/outfits for the hospital. All with matching hats or bows. Some with shoes. (On a side note, I’ve packed nothing for myself. Plan to do that in the next week or two.)

5. Five seems to be the magic number of times I get up to pee during the night. Five times getting up x 10 minute process = pretty much one complete hour of sleep lost just because of the smooshed bladder.

4. I have four pieces of clothing in my closet that fit. Hope it doesn’t get really cold between now and post-baby because ain’t nuttin’ gonna zip over this watermelon.

3. Three more doctor’s appointments before Hollin arrives!

2. TWO pieces of bedding that I am waiting to arrive in the mail. This is a whooole ‘nother story, but to sum it up….I ordered CUSTOM-made bedding. According to the pictures that I was shown AFTER the bedding shipped, the skirt was not made out of the material I requested. I emailed the lady (and attached my original email stating which fabrics go where) and she replied, “Oh, you’re right. Sorry I missed that.” ???? I was expecting, at the least, that she would refund part of the money or offer to make the skirt in the correct fabric. Anyway, I received the sheet, blanket, and pillow, but am still waiting on the bumper and skirt. We’ll see what I think of it when it’s all here and go from there. And I’ll post pics when the bedding is here and everything is hung on the walls.

1. One more weird pregnancy occurrence this morning. I say ‘one more’ because with Zane I had a few things happen to me that were weird. Well, actually they weren’t that weird, they just occurred in the wrong order. One of those was PUPPPs (puritic urticarial plaques and papules in pregnancy), which only occurs in about 1% of pregnancies, normally occurs in the third trimester, rarely happens in subsequent pregnancies, and may be associated with a reaction to male DNA. (Ha, I’m literally allergic to boys!) Instead of getting it in the third trimester, I got it about one week AFTER Zane was born.  But, no worries…it doesn’t happen in subsequent pregnancies and I’m not having a boy…..Right??? Well, this morning I woke up with this WEIRD, bright red, rashy looking thing on the right side of my belly. Normally, I wouldn’t expose this big ole belly on here, but I had to document:35w4d puppps35w,4d PUPPPsBeautiful, right? Also, I have no idea why my belly button looks so pointy. I had an appointment at 10 this morning and by the time I got there, the redness was almost gone and it never itched. So who knows what it was?? Everything else was normal. Her heart rate was 136, my blood pressure was 110/70, and my weight was still 110 pounds (hahaha yeah right!). Almost there!

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Melanie said...

you still look amazing! hope to catch up with you soon.