Friday, July 29, 2011

zane’s adventures in baby-sitting



Doesn’t this look like the face of a happy boy?!

Lots of recent changes for this little guy. New house, new town, and biggest of all, no grandparents around. My biggest fear about this whole move has been finding someone reliable to keep Zane and how he would adjust to everything.

One out of two ain’t bad….(more on the adjusting part later)

Zane seems to LOVE his new baby-sitter, Chelsea! After his first day with her, I asked him if she was nice. “Uh huh! And pitty (pretty)!” Um, hello? You’re two!  But he’s right. ;)


Their first day together she took him to the park in our neighborhood. For three hours! I’m sure he was in heaven! And she was able to get him to teetee on the potty, so mommy’s happy, too!229791_10150248803296725_533236724_7574883_4919628_nThey went to the Madison Children’s Museum the next time she kept him, where he made this little art project. When I got home I asked him if he made it. He said, “Made it for you, Mama!” So sweet. We will be buying a family pass to this place because, judging by her pics (so glad she took pics for me!) it looks awesome!270096_10150248803121725_533236724_7574878_3576100_n183955_10150248804781725_533236724_7574916_1680630_n                      Petting the baby chick!198796_10150248804431725_533236724_7574906_6865062_n285231_10150248802526725_533236724_7574864_4140550_n          Making a long distance call to Arkansas???226046_10150248804101725_533236724_7574898_1456548_n                   This looks a little dangerous….198646_10150248801491725_533236724_7574842_5112098_nMy favorite thing is that he looks SO stinkin’ happy in these pictures! She also took him for ice cream. He made his own sundae and put chocolate syrup, lots of sprinkles, and gummy bears on it. (Aunt Lindsey, you should be proud). Matt and are afraid that he’s going to be disappointed to see us on our days off of work!

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