Friday, July 29, 2011

Missing Friends


I’ve got a lot to update about…with the move, work, Zane’s adjustment, growing baby, etc….but I just wanted to get these pics on here because I’m SO behind!

Matt and I have a great group of friends in central Arkansas and they were thoughtful enough to throw us a going away party before the move. Being here makes me realize how easy it is to take your friends for granted. Just knowing that they are just down the street or an easy drive away is comforting. Now I just have to remember that they are only a phone call away. And three years will go fast, right? Right? ugh.BellSchneider

Brad and Crady hosted the party at their house. They just moved to Little Rock last year for Brad’s residency at ACH, but we feel like they are family now.BellHardinThad &Sara, our bff’s from med/pharmacy schoolBellMaloch Ryan & Amy, my bff since….she was born?Sarah&WhitneyWhitney, college roomie & we’re matchy-matchy :) BellMcCraryJustin & Kasey. J is a resident, K is a pharmacist…obviously have lots in common! They were our ‘dinner’ buddies and Zane loves Kasey!Bells&Hollingsworths  Lee & Amanda, aka ‘Bob’ & ‘Gigi’, aka ‘the inlaws’Matt&NateI miss friends that take goofy pictures like this. Matt & Nate’s infamous awkward prom pose pic. We have one like this in our wedding album. not kidding.SillygirlsAnd pictures like this! Showing Hollin the love. We might have been making fun of pregnancy pictures.IMG_2256We had so much fun! It was great to see all of our friends before we left. :(  And I couldn’t resist this next picture, although Matt might kill me for it….Sarah&MattSarah&Amy   Miss you girls!SarahSaraAmy

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Crady said...

Miss you too! I hated not having you and Dr. Bell visit Coops in the hospital. It really was like having a part of my family gone! Oh, and I love how cute and pregnant you look in these pictures!!