Saturday, July 2, 2011

22 Weeks and her name is…

 IMG_237622 Weeks

The awful curtains in the background are in the hotel! Not quite my style :)

Things of note this week: (1) Matt felt her kick and (2) apparently there are exactly ZERO Ob/Gyns in Madison that take my insurance. No kidding. It was looking like I was going to have to drive about 40 miles to the clinic & hospital. After being accustomed to UAMS & ACH, I was not thrilled about having this baby in a small town hospital. So, we are getting Matt’s insurance, too, so that I can see a doctor that is associated with UW (the hospital where Matt is working.)

And her name is…..

Hollin Elizabeth Bell

I found the cutest boutique here in Madison, Patty Cakes, and they even sell bows! Matt knew I was afraid that bows wouldn’t be very popular in Madison (and from what I’ve seen so far…they’re not) so he even got excited when we saw them. Now we can make sure that Hollin has a big bow in her hair to match every outfit. I can still raise her as a proper ‘Southern girl’ even in Wisconsin!


Crady said...

So glad it's official! It really is a beautiful name!

Beth Ann said...

That name is PRECIOUS! I love it, but it kind of makes me sad because I can't name a future child "Pond"... It just doesn't work as well ;)

Karen said...

Love the name. I get all my girls bows from polkadot posies. Big bows for $3 or less. :)

Ashley Fisher :) said...

LOVE her name!!!! Elizabeth is my middle name too!! :)

hannah said...

um hello skinny.

you look adorable.

and i LOOOOOVE her name. hollin. perfect.