Saturday, January 16, 2010

Swing on by and have some fun…

Our little monkey turned ONE!

monkey invite 

How did we celebrate Zane’s first birthday? With a Monkey Party, of course!


I’m way behind on getting this posted, and it won’t be a short one… get ready!


We had Zane’s first birthday party on his birthday, December 27th.  My plan was to keep the party small, but that’s impossible to do because we wanted all of our family to be there! I believe there were about 30 people who came to help celebrate with our little monkey.


Here’s a little monkey with a hat on his head, wearing a shirt with a monkey with a hat on his head! Obviously, he’s not a huge fan of his outfit, but I thought he was pretty stinkin’ cute.


Here’s the food table, before all of the food was put out or the balloons were tied. We had chips & Mexico Chiquito cheese dip, cream cheese chutney dip, monkey cupcakes, banana cookies, and of course….the cake!

The spread


Monkey Cupcakes


Banana cookies


The cake. It’s from the blue cake company. Top layer: red velvet, Middle layer: chocolate, Bottom layer: vanilla. The whole thing: fabulous!


The party favors were Hershey bars with personalized wrappers. The front says, “Happy 1st Birthday, Zane! December 27th, 2009”. The back says, “Nutrition Information: 100% cute, 100% funny, 100% silly. Serving Size: 1 Birthday Boy. Thank You For Monkeying Around With Me!”  Too bad that I forgot to give them out until most of the guests were gone.


I saw these cute birthday banners on Etsy and decided to make one myself.  I’m the least crafty person I know, but I think it turned out ok. I used the monthly pictures of Zane (Dec 08-Nov 09).


After everyone sang “Happy Birthday”, Zane got to enjoy his smash cake. The kiddo’s got a sweet tooth, just like his momma.


Dad-o showing him how it’s done…


DSCN1320     DSCN1328DSCN1329


Our friends, Phillip & Allyson, were sweet enough to come and bring baby Parker! I love these pictures because Allyson and I were smiling for the camera….and Phillip was totally focused only on the boys. Hilarious! Zane was first giving Parker some “love”, then “patting” him on the head. Parker will be one tough little boy, all thanks to Zane!


Happy 1st Birthday, Zane Thomas Bell! Your daddy and mommy love you more than monkeys love bananas!



Amanda said...

Great picture, that cake looks amazing! Your hair looks great too. Happy Birthday Zane!!

Allyson Petty said...

We had a great time at the party! We love that little monkey!

amywelborn said...

So very cute!!! I haven't posted Cruz's bday yet behind. I might do that today!

Love everything about the party! And just so you know, I ALWAYS forget to hand out party favors...everytime.

Faith said...

Precious:) Great post!