Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas morning was so exciting! Before we all went into the living room, we changed Zane into his Christmas pj's. He had fallen asleep in the dirty turtleneck from the night before! We were all excited, and I think Zane was excited, too. He was looking all around, like 'what the heck is going on?' We all went into the living room....and guess what?! Santa had left gifts for Z everywhere!

*Here's Z in his blowup car/ball pit. He's clapping. Must mean he likes it :)
Santa also left a new pony for Zane! At first he was a little hesitant about Butterscotch, but quickly warmed up to him. He loves combing his mane, hugging him, and most of all, feeding him his carrot...and feeding us the carrot...and making sure we give Butterscotch a hug. He's still not too sure about riding the pony, though.

After a quick lunch at Craig & Dana's, we headed to South Arkansas. Since getting married Christmas day has always been stressful....add a baby to the mix and things just get more hectic. We have Christmas morning in Conway, pack up our week's worth of clothes, Christmas presents, Zane's clothes and presents, and two dogs and then head south. But first we stop in Little Rock to unload some of that stuff and reload presents to take to Hampton. Whew. I'm worn out again just thinking about it.

On Christmas Eve, my mom had called to see what Zane thought about opening presents. I told her that he was currently sitting in a cardboard box. She said, "Ok, I'll make sure there's a box here for him to play in." Believe me, she didn't disappoint. When we got to Hampton, Zane had his very own cardboard box house, complete with a door, window, and chimney!

*This was one of his favorite gifts. A little camping chair. He also got a tent and sleeping bag so he's all set if anyone wants to take him camping.

*He also loved this blanket that I got for Christmas. He rolled around on it, bit it, played peek-a-boo under it, etc. He's so funny!

We had a great night of eating and opening presents at mom and dad's house with Mama Lou, the Patterson's, the Chambliss's, and the Shankles family. The next morning we headed to Mammaw and Pappaw's for our final Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures there.

Although this Christmas was crazy, busy, hectic, chaos.....we really did enjoy our first Christmas with Zane! He is so lucky to have so much family to spend the holidays with.

And the craziness was not over.....because then we headed back to Little Rock to start preparing for the first birthday party.....


Amanda said...

That car/ball pit looks pretty sweet...and the pony! I kind of want to come to your house Christmas morning:)

Whitney said...

LOVE that your mom made him the ultimate cardboard box to play in! Absolutely love it! Hope she's recovering well too!

Faith said...

The tent make me think of us sleeping the a tent in your living room... don't think we'll be putting Z and Ashton in a tent together though, lol:) Love you miss you...

amywelborn said...

Girl, great minds think alike....
I have the sock monkey jammies too:)
And Santa also brought us the blow up car with balls:)

Cute pics!