Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner Disaster

Do we know better than to try to take this little boy to dinner? Yep. Did we do it anyway? Oh, yeah.

First, we went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things. Matt was carrying Zane around on his shoulders….more proof that he’s not a baby anymore. Zane kept laying his head on Matt’s head, giving him “love”. Then he would grab his face and look down at him. Pretty much my fave. Matt called me a tourist because I was taking pics in Wal-Mart, but how could I not capture this?



We then went to one of our favorite places, Jim’s Razorback Pizza. Taking Zane to lunch…usually no problem. He’s just had a nap and is pretty hungry, so he’s occupied by food. Taking Zane to dinner….usually not such a great idea. He’s tired, cranky, etc. We thought he seemed to be in pretty good spirits and JRP is a family-style, sport-themed restaurant, with video games. Loud enough to drown out a loud one-year old. Things started out well enough.


We thought we had forgotten his sippy cup, but super dad had bought some a while back to keep in his truck. Cheap ones. Zane couldn’t get anything out, so Matt took out the little valve-thingy. And we hadn’t brought any juice, so Matt ordered him Sprite. Apparently taking out the little valve-thingy….not such a good plan.

A few minutes later we can’t find the sippy cup.  Where is it? In Zane’s chair.  Upside down. Empty. Before we got our food.

DSCN1442 Dripping wet. And sticky. Just lovely. And in case you’re wondering, No. We didn’t leave. We dried out his seat and finished our meal. Yep, parents of the year that we are, we made our child sit in soaking wet, sticky clothes until we all finished eating. Then Matt stripped him down in the truck and put a new diaper on him. I’m sure he was ready to slap that camera out of my hand, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the little naked boy in the truck!

DSCN1444 He thought he was a pretty cool cat riding home in his Dad-o’s shirt. Precious boy.


Matt had just turned his carseat around facing forward before we left the house. He looks like such a big boy!

ps. The high chair thing we have is a MUST! It clamps on to any table, so you never have to use the high chairs in restaurants. Or if you go to someone else’s house, you’ve brought your own high chair. They can sit right beside you in a booth! And it’s easy to clean. It’s called Phil & Ted’s Me Too Hook on High Chair.



hannah said...

he is adorable sarah. i mean, seriously. could he be any cuter? and i LOVE matt's face in walmart. with zane looking down. so sweet.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

LLLLOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!!!

amywelborn said...

Girl, I would have finished my dinner too!! Ha!! He is so cute!

Jordan said...

This sounds way too familiar :)
William always rides on Daniel's shoulders if we're out together as well-too cute! Aren't those high chairs the greatest? I just keep ours in my trunk because we end up needing it so often (eating at friends' houses, etc.) For the record, we have always just gone ahead and finished our dinner as well, even with food continuing to be thrown on the floor, so you're not the only ones :)

Allyson Petty said...

I am laughing outloud.