Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TOADally randoms...

Gosh, Zane looked so TOADally cute in this outfit that I had to post pictures!

Guess who made his arrival early this morning?.......PARKER PETTY! Congrats Allyson and Phillip! He is perfect. Oh, the trouble that he and Zane will soon be into....

We also got to visit with Hannah and Pratt! I love that Pratt is grabbing Zane's foot in this picture and hamming it up for the camera. Zane looks a little confused."Hey, those are my toes!"

Zane has recently started scratching everything! He loves to scratch the recliner because it makes a funny noise. He also loves scratching mommy's arms and apparently he decided to scratch his own face last night. The picture doesn't do it justice. It looks much worse in person!

In the next picture Zane is saying, "Geez Mom, can't believe you didn't know I was sick." That's right, I get the Bad Mom of the Week Award for calling my baby a fussy-butt, when he was actually a sick little guy. Bless his heart....he has his first ear infection. Amazingly, today he's been happier than I've seen him in weeks. Thank God for modern medicine making my tot face feel better and providing me with job security! The video at the end is proof of his better mood. Sorry for all the shaking.



amywelborn said...

Toadally cute...that outfit is so what I love on little boys!

Cruz used to scratch his face too! I hate it!

When I was looking at your pics, Maddox was standing over my shoulder saying "MY baby!" He must like Zane!!

hannah said...

Dear Zane, I'm so sorry for pulling your feet. Its just that I was SO excited about parkers arrival! Can't wait for our next playdate. Love, Pratt.

amywelborn said...

I meant to tell you, yes, My sis does do trunk shows!